Guitar Hero getting Ted Nugent.

Well according to [Guitar Hero News] it looks like it.  According to the radio station WRIF out of Detroit, Ted told listeners he is involved in the a future Guitar Hero.  Granted this could mean GH4, could be a Guitar Hero: Ted Nugent  (like what they’ve done with the Aerosmith edition.)

The only song specifically talked about was ‘Strangle Hold’, and no specific version of Guitar hero was stated.  So it could just be a track on Guitar Hero 4, or even just a downloadable track for GH3.  But the point is Strangle Hold is coming to Guitar Hero. =)

[The interview is here] around the 12:30 mark is where Ted starts talking about it.


For those that have NO idea what the song is.. It’s Youtube to the rescue!


Personally though, I would LOVE to see Hocus Pocus (Gary Hoey version)


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