Age of Conan Pre-order rip offs.

Where as I’ve not seen much news on this yet (I’m sure it’s coming) some people whom pre-ordered Age of Conan in order to get into pre- open beta have been, pretty much, told to go to hell.

It’s seems Funcom “over booked” the pre- open Beta. Some some unlucky people have been told:  ‘Well sorry you paid up to $100  $150 [Amazon] for a pre-order with access to beta, but we’re not giving it to you.  da-da-dadada-daaaaaa’

It’s BS like this that give companies a bad name, and more back lash is sure to come as the Internet picks up the story.

[Via StarGate Worlds Forums]


4 thoughts on “Age of Conan Pre-order rip offs.

  1. what the fuck are you talking about….pre-beta?

    if you are talking about early access, the people that got in payed $5 for 10 days of play time and early access.

    people that didn’t get into early access did not pay any more and didn’t pay “$100 for a pre-order with access to beta” cuz that makes no fucking sense.

    so why dont you think before you start talking more shit about stuff you obvious have no idea about.

  2. I guess your are right, the mentally challenged might have been a little fuzzy on the whole beta thing so I changed the pre-beta to open-beta so that it would make a little more sense to you.

    Now, yes there are the $5 pre-order + early access passes out there, but there’s also the $100+ collections edition pre-order that ALSO includes early access. Which is currently showing at $150+ though Amazon, so I guess you where right again, and the $100 was WAY off. That’s been fixed as well.

    So yeah, hmm.. just trying to help you out here so you don’t look like a total douche on other websites.

    There’s this little thing called the Internet and a concept called ‘research’. I would suggest that you might want to try that, if you can grasp the concept, before bitching to me about something you proved you don’t know anything about.

  3. haha, good try smart guy, but once again you are completely wrong.

    The collector’s edition includes (according to your reference)

    * Hand-finished, metal-embossed oversized collector’s box with inlay page and individually numbered holographic sticker
    * Leather map of Hyboria (faux) 14″ x 20″
    * The Ring of Acheronia (exclusive in-game item)
    * Unique Bonus DVD featuring trailers, behind the scenes, developer diaries, and rich artwork
    * Official Age of Conan soundtrack CD
    * Art Book (128 pages)
    * Five free guest passes giving friends online access to the game for a limited time
    * The Drinking Cape (bonus in-game item)

    so once again, the people that ordered this payed the extra money for those items and NOT any money for early access or as you like to call it “pre-order with access to beta.”

    so in no way did they get ripped off, so stop your dumb fucking ranting.

  4. and no the comment wasn’t deleted, it’s called moderation.

    Besides, this whole thing is kinda a moot point now since the game is supposed to be released today. However, the fact still stands that now everyone that PAID for early access GOT early access, either because of Funcom overbooking the game or because there was a lot more people interested in the game then they thought.

    and that kind of back-lash can hurt, along with the rumors of horrible customer service. etc. etc. it’s turning into another flubbed release. But we’re to expect it just because it’s happened before and we’re used to it?

    BS. We pay for a service. We expect the service to work when we want to use it, because we pay for it. They paied 5 bucks for early access.. didn’t get it.. and told sorry no refunds.

    So there is a reason for the ‘rant’ even if you don’t agree with it.

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