Current Xbox 360 News…

Well it’s been an interesting couple of days, with the leaked list of XBL updates slated for spring to Microsoft flat out saying they one this generations battle with Sony…    let’s see what’s going on shall we?


[Xbox360 Fanboy] as posted that Stubbs the Zombie (Wideload games) and Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (Midway) are coming to XBL as Xbox Originals slated for release to XBL on May 19th (2008)   The [Xbox360 Fanboy] is also reporting that Microsoft expects the 360 to have a 7 year life span (better then the 10 year PS3)
so that leaves us with 4 years.. so in about 2-3 years we should see the next 720.
but it won’t be next year according to [Engadget]. 

According to the [SeattlePi] website along with a metric butt ton of other blogs and sites, the Xbox 360 have just barely beat out the PS3 in unit sales, mostly becasue of GTA sales.  Of course this really is only in America.  The XBox hasn’t sold well at all in Japan, and for some reason our European friends like the PS3 over the Xbox. (which I still do not understand)

Now [GameTap] is saying that the Microsoft now holds the crown for the first ’10 million sold’.  According to Don Mattrick (the Xbox ‘boss’) 

“History has shown us that the first company to reach 10 million in console sales wins the generation battle. We are uniquely positioned to set a new benchmark for the industry,”

Well I don’t remember that myself personally..but 10 million isn’t bad. drop in the bucket next to the Wii.. but not bad.

the weird thing about this is that there are 12 million LIVE subscribers.  Now if you’ve sold 10 million, but have 12 million subscribers.. how is that possible?


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