Major Age of Conan problems?

[], pay site, that shows morons that can’t play a game how to cheat at it, and listed what looks to be a metric butt ton of cheats for the new Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.   Including but not limited to, casting spells though walls and making your toon fly.. 

Now why am I telling you this?  Not because I want you to be a moron and cheat at your game, but because the Conan is due to be released in less then a week.  If there’s problems like this STILL in game.. holy mother of all that’s good and pure.. Conan is fart a level 23 gas cloud and kill all it’s users.

Now I’m all for time helpers (like a really would like a program to help me craft in EQ2. because it’s BORING AS HELL to craft in that game).. but cheats like making your toon fly?  Dude.. PLAY your game, don’t cheat at it.


One thought on “Major Age of Conan problems?

  1. My name is Manolis .Stamatakis ( email: ) i have bought the conan for play station 3 and i have problem with the step 2 1 ACT TEN WELL OF DREAMS it stick and it is impossible to continue, I request for your help if it is possible in order to correct the problem. Τhank you for helping

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