Guitar Hero IV to be a Rock Band knock off.

[Tech Radar] has a nice write up about some up coming features of the newest primary version of Guitar Hero, and low and behold.. they can’t come up with some original, so they are ‘stealing‘ ‘borrowing’  the Rock band idea by adding drums and a Mic.


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has now gone on record, stating after Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Activision will be concentrating on Guitar Hero IV.  With the only ‘new’ feature over Rock Band is the inclusion of local band songs to the planned downloadable content. 


Speaking of music, where as Activision has access to the Universal Music library, Rock Band has EA and MTV.  Will they be able to compete?  Can you have a Guitar Hero with drums?   And will you be able to play those drums one handed?

(10 points to anyone that gets that reference..LOL)


05/14/08 – Update

  Fine, no one gets the points. 😛
  Way, QJ.NET has [some updates] to this thread about what’ll be coming to GH4 which boils down to:
1) More then just Drums, Bass, and Vocals?  It’s possible.
2) The ability to create your own guitar and drum sounds (?!.. why?)
3)  Song Creation. Yep create your own track!  minus the vocals.
4) Song ratings:  You can help out bands by rating them high, which allows them to upload more songs.
5) ok, THIS is good.. ALL songs will be master recordings, and beside Def Leopard, look like ‘The Answer’, Van Halen, The Eagles, Linkin Park and Sublime will have tracks.

6) and a new guitar design from Red Octane which has an innovative input mechanic subject for patent.   Now to search for the patent… =/


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