Things that make marketing people cringe…

One of the guys in one of my lists made this nice little announcement to the group:

“A mum was buying Donkey Kong racing for Wii, I was talking a guy about the Nintendo Wii how its good for my kid but I dont play it much, he said same about his daughter, the mother buying the game turned around and said:

“Nintendo make the Wii?”

Immediate bursts of laughter from game staff and other customers…
I mean, she is a buying a Nintendo game, has bought a Nintendo console, ummm, don’t you read the box you got the Wii in? Dont you see Nintendo written over the game you just bought?”

Millions of dollars spend in marketing, and people still don’t know who makes what.  I guess that really does prove that most people don’t care about the hardware, it’s all about the games.


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