Skype for the PSP

When it comes to mobile gaming, I always reach for my Nintendo DS. There are plenty of reasons which make me choose it over Sony’s PSP. I’m not one to start console wars, so I won’t go into detail about why I prefer one over the other. I will however tell you that after CES, there’s going to be a really good reason to consider the PSP.

Someone should tell Sony if they want to make a huge announcement during CES, they shouldn’t put it on their CES page. If you look over the part of the site dedicated to the PSP, you might notice that there is something odd listed under the PSP System Features. Apparently you’ll be able to “Call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP system.”

This is actually a pretty cool feature, which has been predicted for some time by gaming enthusiasts. I sure hope that Sony has something else up their sleeve for the gaming crowd, because this cat’s out of the bag. In case you were wondering, that picture above is from the video on the PSP site. It’s only up for a single frame, which makes me wonder why it’s in there at all.

[Source: Ubergizmo]


[05/12/08 update]
Well only like 5 months after I posted this.. it’s FINALY coming!   According to [PSP FanBoy] SCEA finally confirmed the availability of Skype-compatible PSP headsets at retailers today.. for $30 bucks, not $20. =)


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