Playstation Day 2008..

[Gameaxis] has posted a cute article about what new games are coming to the PS3.  The Article was posted by Mr. Toffee on Thursday May 8th 2008. 

Playstation day (as I’m understanding it) was a Sony event held in London this month to show off and showcase the PS3.  To make people happy about all the cash they spent on the machine.

Now the article does say that there was a “boatload of AAA titles up for show”

LittleBigPlanetsmallSo the first game show is “Little Big Planet”, which is due to be released in 2008.

Now I must admit this is a cool looking game and does have some interesting tidbits of game play. LIke the user created content, and since 2D platform games are a dying breed, it could be a pretty cool game.

However, WTF is up with the next set of games?  We’ve got ‘Killzone 2’

killzone2jpg which really isn’t saying much.  The first game wasn’t that good and even this one has the whole markings of ‘our art department can make anything look good’ problem just like the first game had.  For a ‘blockbuster’ it was lackluster and the sale numbers support the theory.



resistance202 Then you’ve got Resistance 2.  The so called Halo killer the pretty much left games saying ‘Meh’.  But then 60 man multiplayer sounds cool, along with a standard 8 player mode.  But still.. another game sequel in the works?



motorstorm-2-pacifica-a Motorstorm 2, sure.. why not.  let’s add another sequel into the mix of a ‘meh’ titles.  Granted the first one wasn’t THAT bad, but still slow loads and graphics that really wheren’t any better then games seen on the PC or Xbox 360.

But this at least looks like the graphics have been updated, and double the amount of tracks from Motorstorm 1, 16 man multiplayer (online and split screen)
let’s just hope the controls have been turned and something has been done about the load times.



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