*WHINE* the Xbox 360 sucks!

So I read something this afternoon that just pissed me off.  James Rivington [submitted an article] to TechRadar.com with a different view (vue?) on the Xbox 360 sales press release that Microsoft posted a little while ago.

The press release from Microsoft UK stats:

“Gamers have voted with their wallets, and the results are in. The Xbox 360 version of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ has sold more than 100,000 copies, or 20 per cent more than the PlayStation 3 version in the UK since the game’s release last Tuesday 29 April.”

The article is filled with negative wording like:

  • “Microsoft is attempting to use GTA as a PR exercise to boast (and lie) about the Xbox 360 console”
  • “We received an unbelievable and outrageous press release today from Microsoft UK”
  • Lies, all lies!”
  • “The release then sees Microsoft rambling on and on, mostly just patting itself on the back about selling more copies”
  • “Please excuse me briefly while I pause to be sick.”
  • “It’s all a load of smoke and mirrors nonsense.”
  • “This is an absolutely textbook example of a big company spouting a load of dingo’s kidneys in order to promote itself.”

Sorry, man, you come across like a fanboy pulling crap like that, and I expect more from TechRadar then to listen to fanboy rant.

You can prove anything you want with statistics.    It’s all load of ‘Dog Kidneys’

Besides that all the numbers are skewed because  no one tracks the number of units out the door of a store (IE the number really BOUGHT.. not given away or promos and such).  It’s the number of units shipped from the publisher.  So there’s no way to tell really HOW many PS3’s or 360’s are really out in the market.. let alone how many games have really been sold. 

The only thing those numbers really show is that the PS3 version and 360 are both selling well, and Rockstar is making a killing.

Beyond that, we’re all used to that kind of marketing.  It’s the same crap that Sony has been pulling all along with the PS3.  But it doesn’t matter, the PS3 has RIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!   

12/25/08 – Update:
When did this little rant turn into a PS3 VS Xbox debate?  The point was the article sounded like a FanBoy using the site to dog on the 360 (which, no matter how you look at, it blows the crap outta the PS3 in the market place) and how I dispise the ‘evil’ marketing Sony has used to convince people there shit doesn’t stink.   

This wasn’t about how the 360 is/isn’t better than the PS3.   In my replys below I’ve tried to just point out facts. 
and not step on one side or the other.


22 thoughts on “*WHINE* the Xbox 360 sucks!

  1. Well it doesn’t matter how many they sold on the xbox becouse its just going to make their systems crash and make the fan boys cry some more

  2. I m with you.I had enough hearing ppl talking shit on how good the 360 is.So what?If they(360)can do what they did,so does the PS3.The only thing is,Sony didn’t want to make up for any kind of games that had been the targeted for every lousy fanboys out there only..I m sure it’s gonna be cool one day for the PS3.

  3. ImDoink:
    Like the PS3 hasn’t been known to crash? Even none fan-boys are gonna cry when you get a RRoD.

    Because the 360 is a good machine, and some of the PS3 technology was ‘stolen’ from the Wii (6-axis) and the 360 (Trophies, LIVE, etc)

    the Problem Sony has is the lack of good games and support. Fallout 3.. coming to both the 360 and the PS3, but the 360 is to get extra content. Final Fantasy 13, which was a ps3 only title is now coming to the 360 as well.

    and you said it all.. “I m sure it’s gonna be cool one day for the PS3” the PS3 was released 11/11/06.. it should have BEEN cool by now.

  4. Xbox has the money and easier system to develop for but can’t handle graphic intensive games I have one I know while my ps3 I can play for hours on end without worrying about a sys crash do I care final fantasy xiii will be on xbox no but it does prove that they are riping off the other systems like the wii for those stupid miis money talks but xbox is still fun but in my opinion the ps3 is funer more reliable and still is growing i wish the systems corporate pigs would stop fighting each other and worry about original games for both sys

  5. ImDoink
    The XBox can’t handle graphics intensive games? Give me one game that looks better on the PS3 than on the XBox. (must be on both systems), and if you can’t play for hours on your 360 I would suggest you look into a extra fan or re-check the airflow around your machine. After I replaced my first one (RRoD) I’ve been able to play Mass Effect for hours and not have a problem (and it was the game that killed my first one.

    No Final Fantasy doesn’t prove MS is ripping off Sony. The 1st party support is. the 6-axis was a direct rip off the Wii’s controller. Sony has taken quite a few ideas from LIVE for PSN, now both companys are making ‘motion’ types of hardware because of the Wii. M$ is coming out with Avatars.. and that whole idea smells of Mii’s, and I’m willing to bet that Sony will follow suit sometime in the next 6 months.

    I can’t think of a game that’s more fun on the PS3 than on the 360, or a title for the PS3 that makes me go ‘Oh god yes!’ I need to buy that. Personally I think the only reason the PS3 is still growning as a market is because it’s a cheap Blu-Ray player that also happends to play games. However, the community as a whole still belives that DVD’s are just as good. Mostly because they don’t have the cash for a new TV and sound system to take advantage of the Blu-Ray.

    as for the orginal games, there hasn’t been a orginal game pretty much since Tetris. the pigs are always going to fight each other over your money. it’s the nature of the game. =)

  6. This is my second xbox or atleadst a repair on it or what ever they do when u ship these suckers out and I still get the every once and awhile when I plug it in red ring but gta 4 definetly not as good or dependable as the ps3 version my roommate is playing it in the living room for acouple of hours and oh here comes the cussing while I can play it for hours and hours no problem no lag nothings disapering I will admite the big game ps3 got mgs4 sucks so much I’ve already traded it in goto the new youtube comparisons of the graphics and the ps3 has it atleast 3 out of 5 and well see how fallout runs and looks on both sys soon and both sys have cool new games coming I just don’t want to see microsoft sucking the life out of this industry like they almost did with their os but hell mac maid a big comback so things can’t be that bleak

  7. elder scrolls oblivion looks better on ps3! much better. Actually the ps3’s blu ray player is very well made and still one of the best choices for blu ray, so sony copied micro on trophies, micro copied sony on duel analog sticks on the controller, micro is talking about putting motion in there controllers such as six axis. The point is, it’s not who does it first it’s who does it best, and I think sony does everything the best. As for game support most third party developers are programming for ps3 first then porting to 360 now, and game companies are paying close attention to the ps3 outselling 360 every month.

  8. M$ is comiong out with avatars and sony will follow them? M$ is coming out with avatars because of sonys HOME program not because of mii’s, M$ is following sony imagine that!

  9. I just want to be able to play vidoe games, when i feel and for as long as i feel. Does the ps3 crash(freeze). cus my xbox freezes now and again. I am really scared to be honest, I already sent my xbox for repair 8 months ago, nut really should it be freezing already, i heard this is due for a rrod. I am serioulsy thinking abou6t getting a ps3 what are the differences in terms of reliability. Will the ps3 freeze and if it does will it get some form of red ring, obvioulsy it dosent have a ring, but i mean will it get something that will stop me playing? let me know cheers ppl

  10. Scott,
    Oblivion doesn’t look better on the PS3, it looks the same. and the PC version can blow them both out of the water.
    though I do agree on the PS3 being a good blu-ray player.
    as for best? So that’s why Sony dropped the rumble from the orginal controllers? only to add it back in again? and the six axis is a joke anyway, no game really uses the feature. Even that one dragon game.. that was BUILT for it, has a patch to let you remove the 6 axis from it’s control scheme. as for the game support, sorry man.. most developers are developing for the 360 and then porting to the PS3.. or just had another developement team working on the PS3 version. Programming for the Cell is totally different than the 360. and now? yeah, the 360 has outsold the ps3 for at least a month stright in Japan.
    and sony is posting massive losses for this quarter.
    so, thanks for playing. =)

  11. AirbornDav1d,
    If you just want to play games then get the system that has the games you want to play on it. I wouldn’t be scared, MS as fixed the RRoD problems and the new systems arn’t dying anywhere near as often. (and most of the problem was caused by heat anyway.)

    and the PS3 does brick, and there have been known problems with it. One source (which I’m not sure to believe) is stating that there’s like 100,000 PS3’s being recalled due to hardware problems. (Sony batteries anyone?)

    both the Xbox and the PS3 will freeze from time to time. but you do get a warrenty.

    if anything make sure you get the store warrenty. I bought my 360 from Fry’s and got the store warrenty on it. When it died they just gave me a new one. didn’t need to wait to ship it back to Microsoft or anything, walked in with a RRoD system and walked out with a new one. Even got two games free for my trouble.

  12. imdoink:
    A quick Google returned 644,000 hits for ‘ps3 freezing’
    and 884,000 for ‘PS3 Freeze’ which proves the PS3 DOES have freezeing issues as well.

    More or less then the 360? Moot point. Point was to AirbornDav1d that the PS3 can freeze and even brick just like the 360.

  13. And I bet if u looked through all those its not 800000 difrent ppl its diffrent forum threads from the same topic do that for the xbox you’ll probably error out google

  14. LOL! Nope.. didn’t crash Google.. but there where a lot of hits. but again, moot point. I was just trying to point out to AirbornDav1d that the PS3 can freeze like a 360 can.

  15. only the 60gb and a few of the 40gb ps3’s failed after a while. the new 80gb and 160 gb models out now don’t fail at all. m$ has had 3 years and still is holding @ a %10 failure rate, which is pretty high. ps3 has a %0.02 failure rate

    • ALL PS3’s can fail, as can the XBox.. model really doesn’t matter. Microsoft has released a new version of the motherboard which should take care of the RRoD problem, just as Sony has released multiple versions.
      Besides, how can you say the PS3 doesn’t fail at all and then say there’s a .02% failure rate? and where’s the proof? where are you getting that 10% VS .02%? Personally, I never judge anything with stats. you can prove ANYTHING with stats. Just change the parameters a little. =)

  16. Yeah but the thing is most ps3s fail becouse of some dummy turning their system off during a update not by playing a game,like a xbox.

  17. Just a stupid as the xbox owners or in the general public yes those ppl are stupid just like the ones that keep their xbox in a cabinet so it can over heat or a ps3 for that matter.the main thing is xboxs are quiting on ppl like me the take care of their stuff where as a ps3 isn’t.and anyways resident evil is coming out soon can’t wait!

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