Massive EQ2 update…

Well now, according to EQ2 players there’s going to be some big changes happening with the new patch (released to the test server a few days ago). 


as per the [Eq2Players web site]:

There are a great many changes coming with Game Update 45! There’s interesting changes coming for some casting and healing classes (Coercers and Priest classes, mainly), new world events, ways to get achievement experience from quests far under your level, bank additions, tradeskill revamps, and even a little more breathing room for the bigger encounters you may come across in your adventures! You had better get ready, there’s a good chance that regardless of what you do across Norrath, you’ll be affected by this Game Update in a very positive way!

  • Coercers will see a great amount of changes in this Game Update to help in possessing the essences of others as well as many other changes to your abilities! The “possession” spells of Coercers will see changes to harness your pet’s essence for better control. In other magical news, Thought stones, Essences of Anguish and Nil Crystals are finally obsolete! Thanks to the respective magical guilds of Qeynos and Freeport, Coercers and Necromancers and Warlocks will no longer have to deal with spell components. There’s far more then this that’s mentioned here for our casting friends, so if you’re a caster and your class hasn’t been mentioned yet, you may yet see some changes too!
  • Priest classes, you’re nowhere near left out of this Update! Cures for Inquisitors and Templars will see a huge change to help stem the feeling of “whack-a-mole” when you’re dealing with diseases, physical ailments, magical afflictions and elemental scourges. Coming with Update 45, all four of the priest single-target cure spells will be funneled to one all-purpose cure that’ll deal with what’s afflicting you (or whomever you’re helping). Again, this change only affects those of the priestly classes, so magical cures from casters won’t see this change.
  • Have you ever been so overloaded with your hard-earned prizes (or tradeskilled items) that you didn’t know what to do with them? Well, with Game Update 45, you’ll have 4 (yes, that’s right… FOUR!) more bank slots to work with! For those that choose to play on PvE (Player versus Environment) servers, you will get to use these as four extra bank slots as well as see your shared alternate-alignment bank slots too, so you can then exchange items from not only characters within your same alignment, but of opposing alignments! For those that are counting, that does indeed result in 8 new bank slots! If that’s not enough for you, how about sharing coin too… that’s right, you’ll be able to even exchange coin from one character to another, even across alignment! If you’re exiled at the time being, you’ll not be able to exchange items nor coin between characters until you choose an alignment. For our PvP (Player versus Player) enabled server adventurers, you’ll still be unable to share items and cash to your differing aligned friends (and foes) since shared banks are still alignment based, but you’ll have 4 additional bank slots over what you have presently and another 4 more shared slots (for a total of eight shared bank slots per alignment)!
  • If you’re one of those adventures that likes to hoard quests and cling to them through your adventures until they “gray out“, first you need to admit you have a problem… and then complete them for achievement experience! Yes, you heard right, with Game Update 45, you’ll be able to get benefit from those older quests (quests that are over level 10) to add to your achievement point total! It’s time for some quest Spring Cleaning!
  • By decree of the weaponsmiths across Norrath, there has been a total overhaul to weaponcrafting! With Game Update 45, you’ll see a change to all crafted weapons from the ground up. Too, you’ll have more choices to further “imbue” or to add “bless” procs!
  • Coming soon, corpses and chests from our more powerful creatures will stick around for 20 minutes before vanishing into the ether. If you give it your all in your fight and that last swing of your weapon ends the life of the creature you’re fighting, you’ll have a little more breathing room to get back there to claim your prize!

This is only a glimpse of what’s coming with Game Update 45! If you want to read more about it, check the test update notes to see what may be coming to an update near you! Until then… get ready, because it’s on its way!


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