The Sims Online gets the Axe…

In this day of raising gas prices which in turn rise the price of darn near everything else, EA (Electronic Arts) will kill off ‘The Sims Online’ as of August 1st, 2008.

According to the (official?) EA blog, [EA LAND],  EA is to shut down EA LAND will in turn will kill off the Sims Online.    EA is trying to be ‘nice’ about it by offering paying subscribers with a ‘We’re sorry your ass hurts’ rebate, Either $15 off any game at the EA Store, or 3 months of Pogo.  

(if you are into casual gaming, Pogo would be your best bet.. and no, I’m not a Pogo player..I’ve had the handle of ‘PogoWolf’ LONG before was even a glint in someone’s eye.)

On a more personal note.. HA HA HA HA HA
Should have kept the money/resources in Earth and Beyond!  Killing my game for this one..  *grrr*


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