Aerosmith sells out…

Now if you’ve been reading this blog you’d know that I reported a little while ago about the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith edition for all the major consoles. 

According to multiple sources on the net, In a stoke of GENUIS from the execs at Activision the company has bought out the Aerosmith song collection!!

According to an Activision representative:

I can say that we do have the band exclusively, and their catalogue should be exclusive to us beyond the one or two tracks they had licensed out to Rock Band before we made our deal.

So what this means is besides the couple of tracks already on Rock band, There won’t be anymore Aerosmith on any game unless it’s licensed though Activision.

Now what this REALLY Means…

1) Aerosmith is now Activision bitch and we won’t see any more Aerosmith in Rock band.  Point is.. do we care?  Come on.. it’s Aerosmith!  there’s a few good tracks, but come on!!  it’s Aerosmith!

2) This would give the developers of the Guitar Hero series insider information about concerts and the ‘live style’ of a band that’s been together for a number of centauries.   Elements that could play into the next version of Guitar hero.

3) Now the sad news, here comes the music battle royal.  You thought the RIAA was a bitch, just wait until you see EA starting to gobble up new bands and tracks just to make sure they don’t get into the Guitar Hero series.  Great news for bands, horrible news for gamers.

Corporate America has just ghostbusted the spirit of the Guitar Hero series
   RIP Guitar Hero, it was fun while it lasted.


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