Ow! Price cut…

[CNN Money] is reporting that Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox 360 in four of it’s Asian markets.

The price cut was on the 20 gig model and was dropped by:
    19.5% in Singapore  (S$499)
    17% in Taiwan (NT$10, 360)
    10.7% in Hong Kong (HK$2,499)
     5.1% in South Korea (KRW369,000)
     But didn’t drop the price in the India market.

The price of the Arcade version (the one with out the HD) was dropped by 13.1% (S$399) in Singapore.


the Elite model was dropped by 12.5% (S$699) only in Singapore.


Microsoft is sighted to have stated: “This price drop is part of Microsoft’s ongoing strategy to bring Xbox’s high- definition gaming and entertainment experience to an even wider user base,”

(PogoWolf: Which to mean says, “We’re still not doing as well in these markets as we should so we are making it cheaper in the hopes someone will but it”)

Microsoft also went on to say: “If and when price adjustments in other regions make sense, we will be sure to keep you informed, but we have nothing to announce at this time,”

So sorry you other guys. =(

On the other hand, Microsoft said that by April 24th, it’s revenue rose 68% for the end of the quarter (March 31st) and they’ve sold over 19 million units since launch (Nov 05) which is up 74% from last year at this time.


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