Order Up! – Preview

I was told my a friend of mine the other day about this game. (Since he’s involved with it.)  and let me know about the [IGN write up].  

Concept wise, sounds like a very interesting game!  Pretty much boils down to a cross between cooking games, and dinner dash.  But what I didn’t know was there is some talent behind the game!   Lee Cummings is the Creative director for the game.   You might know him from such games like ‘Grand Theft Auto, and Bully’ (so he’s a Rockstar?) 

So the game starts out with you burger flipping at a local fast food place and slowly work your way up to a 5-star restaurant with you making all the gourmet food!
and it’s more then just flip this burger, you’ve got to get your timing down along with knowing what spices to use when.   You even get to chop your own veggies!

A typical day noobie day will include cooking hamburgers and flapjacks.  You put the ingredients on the grill and watch the timer, flipping the items as needed, you never need to watch for those special orders.. not everyone likes their burger still mooing.  Once the cooking is done just drop it on the counter for your waitress to pick up, problem is.. food gets cold, so you’ve got to watch your timing though out the whole ordeal.


Order Up! is completely aimed at the casual player and is planned for release around July 7th.


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