Psychologists (finally?) debunk video games leading to violence.

Mr. Lawrence Kutner, Ph.D. and Ms. Cheryl K. Olson, Sc.D  and other people polled 1250 kids/teens and 500 parents to (finally?) figure out if video games make you violent and published the results in a book titled: ‘Grand Theft Childhood’  (I would have preferred Mortal Kombat: Video games, Violence, and you.. but oh well)

But as most SAIN people already knew the psychologists show there was “absolutely no evidence” for direct link between playing video games and beating the ever loving crap out of someone.    It was also stated that most studies that find a link are really only looking into the short term reactions.  (So, in other words, playing with the numbers to show the outcome they want to see.)

But the study does provide some interesting ‘facts’ (using the term loosely)  like, male teens that play 15 or more hours worth of M-rated games a week (ok, first off.. which proves that anyone under the age of 18 can still get an M-rated game quite easily)  have the same ‘risk’ of getting into trouble as a male teen that didn’t play games at all!!  the study is also showing that as game sales increase that teen violence is decreasing! (as of 1993).

There is more detail (and video) about this study on X-play [here]  And the website has interviewed with Dr. Cheryl Olson on the [study].

Perhaps this will be a study that someone listens too.. though I doubt it.  So.. do all those ‘Anti-game’ parent groups, law makers.. and you.. JACK THOMPSON.  Get your collective heads out of your asses and use some of that energy towards something that really matters.  Here you are worried about video games where there are PLUNTY of worst things to worry about.  Oh I don’t know.. what about gangs?  what about the homeless? AIDS?  Cancer research?  If you can gather SO much money to sue game publishers/designers for games think of how much good that money could be used for?  

besides, all Gamers already know games don’t make people violent.  Getting you ass handed to you by a 12 year old brat, talking smack, and being a very poor winner by shoving it in your face makes you violent. 



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