Interplay.. Back in Action?

Interplay resurrection report: new website

Well, calling it a “website” might be a bit of a stretch. It’s more of a digital poster really. Still, it looks like the rebirth of Interplay is officially underway. Fastidious X3F readers will recall that the company submitted an SEC filing late last year that detailed plans to return to the video game development business, largely in thanks to the profits made in the sale of the
Fallout IP to Bethesda. Said plans included the revival of several of Interplay’s well-known franchises including Earthworm Jim, MDK, and Baldur’s Gate. It seems that Interplay is moving forward with its plans, as the new website will attest. Consisting solely of the image seen on   Clearly it references all three of the franchises mentioned above as well as Fallout (most likely the MMO Interplay has been talking about since 2006). Let’s hope we see some details sooner rather than later.


[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

Update:  04/09/07

[Interplay] now has officially surfaced: Interplay is building up a development team, and looking to begin a Fallout MMO.

The beleaguered publisher was delisted from the NASDAQ and pretty much closed down in 2004. Its famous internal studio Black Isle was packed up, members going on to work at studios like Obsidian and Troika. The publisher, however, retained its name and intellectual property, inluding Fallout, Earthworm Jim, MDK and Descent / Freespace.

In 2007, the Fallout property was flogged to Bethesda (who are now working on Fallout 3) for just under $6 million. Importantly, though, Interplay retained the rights to develop an MMO based on the Fallout universe.

With cash in pocket, the publisher is now recruiting for its new internal development team, and looking for financing for its two pronged development plan – the Fallout MMO and the reinvigoration of other, smaller IPs.

There’s a long road ahead for Interplay. Its strength as a publisher was always the pull of its development teams, so with Black Isle, Volition, Bioware and Shiny all either dissolved or otherwise engaged, starting from scratch could be a tall order.

Still, a new team and fantastic IP can’t be a bad start.

[Via GameShadow]


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