Charlie Daniels isn’t happy with GH3.

Well this story is making it’s rounds about the NET.    To Quote

Charlie Daniels, writer of the song ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’, has slammed the makers of ‘Guitar Hero III’ after the song was used in the game.

He has publicly stated that he would have refused permission for the song to be used if he had the power, claiming that the “very essence” of the song had been “violated”.

Daniels, who wrote the song in 1979 while a member of The Charlie Daniels Band, lost the rights to the song in a past settlement.

He explained on his blog: “The song, ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’, which I wrote, is supposed to be a lighthearted novelty about a fiddling contest between a country boy and the devil and the devil always loses.

“I would never grant permission for some company to create a video game version of a song I wrote in which the devil wins a contest.”

Expressing his upset at the devil character who challenges players in
the game, he added: “I’m sorely disappointed with the company who owns the copyright for not policing the situation. As it is they have allowed these people to violate the very essence of the song.

“At this time I don’t know if I have any legal recourse, probably not, but I wanted you folks to know that I vehemently disagree with what has been done to a piece of my work.

“And I would like to pass along a little advice to parents of young children. This game looks innocent enough but if you have a child who is playing it, take the time to sit with him or her while they’re playing along and take a serious look at the images on the screen.”

‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ was Daniels’ biggest hit, charting at Number Three in the US singles chart.

It has since been covered by the likes of Primus, The Levellers and Jerry Reed, and Rednex.

The song has had an impact outside of the world of music, too, with comedian Jim Davidson performing it as part of a comedy tour in 2002 and WWE wrestler The Rock singing it on US TV in 2003.




pogowolf My Vue?   Even though I know it really doesn’t mean anything, but so what?  I mean really.. He doesn’t even own the song.  What this sounds like to ‘The PogoWolf’ is that Daniels is using the media of GH3 in order to say ‘Hey!!  I’m still alive and making music!’  along with a publicist saying ‘You don’t want to be blamed if some Kid finds out how to out play Satan, you better say something now’   and why are you talking about it NOW?  It was released in the US in October of ’07  It’s now April of ’08.  6 months to figure out about the song!?  LOL  Beyond that the the ‘devil’ really isn’t ‘Satan’, in a personification of your ‘evil’ manager.   Bah.. total fluff news.. but as you all can see, I’ve been a slacker for a few days. 😉


One thought on “Charlie Daniels isn’t happy with GH3.

  1. Really though to progress to the next level you have to wind up beating Lou anyways. So really you’re supposed to win but just like the kid in the song it’s not supposed to be an easy duel.

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