Shadowrun dev: ‘Xbox Live abuse is ruining sales’

Friday 4-Apr-2008 3:23 PM “Non-gamers simply don’t love games enough to put up with the crap they get online”

Shadowrun designer Bill Fulton has staged an attack against Xbox Live idiots, claiming that the abusive behaviour of online games is “dramatically reducing” sales of his game. Funny, we though it was the bad reviews.

At Microsoft Game Studios, Fulton was responsible for the online matchmaking system, UI and the social aspects of play on the multiplayer shooter, which seemingly got lost in the carnage of Forza 2 and the Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

Speaking his mind on website Gamasutra, Fulton says: “The online behavior of our customers is dramatically reducing our sales, and continues to stunt the growth of our industry.”

Speaking more broadly about online gaming, Fulton says that of all the ways he spends his time, “playing games online is the only one I would describe as “frequently barbaric”. Insults of all kinds, including racist and homophobic slurs, are commonplace,” he says.

“Non-gamers simply don’t love games enough to put up with the crap they get online. The reason they would consider playing online is to have fun with other people – and right now, playing games online with strangers rarely delivers that for anyone outside the hardcore demographic.”

Isn’t Xbox Live aimed at hardcore gamers anyway? Nintendo Wi-Fi, with no voice, text chat or name-swapping is far more appropriate for the casual gamers who want a safe time online.

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pogowolfHmmm.. It’s got to be the Xbox idiots, it couldn’t be the shoddy game itself?  Has Mr. Fulton ever read any reviews for the game that has stated that pretty much its a cop-out created to try to push the whole LIVE thing between windows and the Xbox and it doesn’t even do that well?  Not to mention the game is boring?

And MMO’s blow the living crap out of XBox live with amount of people playing and you don’t tend to worry about the language and stuff.  You only worry about it from the 10 year olds that only need a really good spanking.

and no.. Xbox live isn’t aimed at ‘hardcore gamers’ 


2 thoughts on “Shadowrun dev: ‘Xbox Live abuse is ruining sales’

  1. I actually agree with his comments about Xbox Live being a barbaric place. I think it has nothing to do with his sales, but it’s certainly a reason XBOX sales aren’t getting any higher, and one of the prime reasons I don’t get an Xbox.

    Nintendo Wi-Fi isn’t for casual gamers because it’s so unfriendly to people who actually WANT to play online. I point at the disturbingly laggy SSBB system.

    And PS3 isn’t for casual gamers because it really has no real “casual” games to play online other than Resistance, Burnout, Timeshift Warhawk and UT3., the last two being the only really popular online PS3 titles.
    Rock Band doesn’t count because online features are depressingly sparse.

    Xbox Live offers the only “simple” online interface (that is, until PS3 decides to update their XMB, on which I’m waiting) but people are seriously turned away from it because of the absolutely nasty environment they have to deal with, with no moderation of behavior and voice (unlike Steam games and servers) not to mention having to PAY MONEY to receive this abuse.

    I refuse to even consider the 360 anymore. I’m perfectly happy with free PSN.

  2. Never said it wasn’t barbaric.. but that’s what happends when you’ve got a bunch of idiots acting like that only because they know they can get away with it. If you can find a game on PSN, you’ll run into the same thing as in Xbox live. It’s not like LIVE is the only place where idiots go to act like jerks. Personally I just unplug the MIC..or just play with people I know.

    And no.. not really, the XBox is still out selling the PS3.. of course both are WAY behind the Wii. And the sales arn’t getting higher mostly because the Xbox is around 3 years old. People that are going to get it.. most likly already have. So the drop in purchases shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone. the PS3 is starting to pick up ONLY because it’s a cheap Blu-Ray player.

    And the Wi-FI part of the Wii wasn’t created to play online. it was created as an easy way to get downloads and weather updates. Nintendo has been firm on it’s stance of no online. (which, to me, is stupid)

    as for the’s not going to stay free forever.
    not by a long shot. It costs money to house servers and bandwidth. The more people are there, the more servers and bandwidth will be needed. So either the price of the PS3 game is going to go up (not only because of the BD) to pay for it. Or they will start a ‘premium’ service that you pay for. Just like Xbox Live.

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