Def Leppard songs confirmed for Guitar Hero IV

By James Orry – 04/04/2008 – 12:01pm GMT

Guitarist Phil Collen says Photograph, Animal, and Rock of Ages will feature in the fourth Guitar Hero title.

Speaking to Rockline Radio, Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has revealed three of his band’s songs will feature in Activision’s Guitar Hero IV. The news had originally been in doubt with no recording of the interview available. However, an audio clip posted on the Rockline website has put any doubt to bed.

“We just had to clear a few things like publishing, record company, and all that stuff. But we’re going to have, like, three songs, I think, on Guitar Hero IV,” said Collen.

Collen later confirmed that the three songs to feature in the game will be Photograph, Animal and Rock of Ages.

Activision is still keeping quiet on the subject, but the same thing happened when Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry let slip that Activision was working on a Guitar Hero game based on his band.

[Via VideoGamer]

pogowolf What no ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’?!  in the name of love!!!



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