Intel purchases young game development house Offset

Thursday 21st February 2008, 06:00:00 AM, written by Farid
In a surprising turn of events, Sir Sam McGrath – founder of Project Offset – announced yesterday on the official company website that he and his team were now part of the Intel Kingdom.

Today we have some major news to announce.
Intel has acquired Offset Software. Yes, you read it correctly!
Project Offset is going strong and we are excited about things to come.
Stay tuned.

– Sam McGrath

As one can see, the missive couldn’t be any more to the point, while at the same time being short on information. Information such as an answer to the question everybody has in mind when confronted with this news: Why would Intel buy a small game developer that is currently working on a promising 3D engine and game?

It goes without saying that to us here at Beyond3D, this latest gaming-related purchase from Intel has Larrabee’s shadow all over it. Even though Larrabee’s architecture and scope are still shrouded in mystery, it seems clear to anyone who has followed the development of Intel’s elusive new graphics architecture that the CPU giant realised software would be a key issue for the completion of the project.

Intel has already shown its commitment to purchasing talent via the acquisition of Neoptica last November. In the meantime, the company has been steadily drafting 3D software experts into its stable of 3D knights, including TomF. The inclusion of a full fledged development house is an interesting move, however. We knew that Intel was in dire need of graphics API – or at least optimised libraries – tailored to Larrabee’s specifications. But what good would such a platform be without any impressive game or large application (demo) to take advantage of it?

At the same time, it is worth noting that recent pre-GDC rumours indicated that Intel was in potential talks to purchase German game developer Crytek. Now, did these talkative birds mistake Crytek for Offset Software, or is Intel still in a developer shopping mood? Well, let us wait and see.

[Via Beyond3D]


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