Microsoft to buy Epic?!

Washington (dbTechno) – According to reports, Microsoft is planning to buy the developer of the hit Xbox 360 game Gears of War, Epic Games, for the price of $1 billion. This all comes as an announcement is expected for Gears of War 2.The report comes from the latest issue of GamePro magazine which stated that by this summer, Microsoft plans to finish a deal to buy Epic Games.

It is expected that Epic Games will reveal the sequel to Gears of War at the Game Developers’ Conference 2008 this week (GDC 2008).

They have their booth set up right next to Microsoft at the show.

If Microsoft does acquire Epic Games, it would also mean that they would own the rights to the Unreal game engine, which is used on every single platform, including the rival PS3, for developers to use to make next-gen games.

This would basically allow Microsoft to make money off of the Unreal engine rights used to sell games on the PC and PS3.



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