Stargate Worlds – Concept and Screenies.

Gamers Hell has this to say about the upcoming ‘Stargate: Worlds’


Stargate Worlds is based on Stargate SG-1 and the show’s spin off Stargate Atlantis

Our gallery has been updated with lots of concept art and screenshots from Stargate Worlds, illustrating this upcoming MMORPG in the works at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. Stargate Worlds will allow you to travel through the Stargate with teams of soldiers and scientists to locations where you can forge alliances, establish trade, investigate ancient mysteries, and defend Earth from hostile forces, such as the Goa’uld and the Ori.

They have also added some concept art and screen shots!


281510_full   281518_full


4 thoughts on “Stargate Worlds – Concept and Screenies.

  1. This looks like so much fun. I’m happy all this new Stargate content is coming out for me to look forward to 🙂 I’m especially happy about Ark of Truth coming out March 11th!

    [Ad removed] Thanks for letting me know about the Ark of Truth. But since the link wasn’t video game based (and on MySpace) I removed it.

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