Guitar Rising: Guitar Hero with a REAL guitar.

Guitar Rising

I recently purchased Guitar Hero III for the Wii the other day, and it is now my number one distraction. It isn’t hard to see why this game has swept the nation. Something happens when I pick up that Guitar Axe, and I’m hypnotized once the notes start flowing. Of course, I cannot play a real guitar, but it feels like I can do. Not only that, I feel like I can play so well that I am a rock god.

A company called Game Tank wants to take the Guitar Hero concept to the next level with a game appropriately titled Guitar Rising. Guitar Rising doesn’t need any special Axe to work, but uses a real guitar. All a user has to do is connect the audio input to their PC using direct audio in, microphone, or even the ¼ inch-to-USB adapter.

From there, the player must match their strumming and chords to the Guitar Hero-like streaming music sequences. Guitar Rising has many tunes, as well as beginner and experienced difficulty levels.

Guitar Rising was recently unveiled at the Independent Game Conference in Austin, Texas. It has already won the Developer’s Choice Award by popular vote, and will hopefully be a hit when it is released in the fall.



[Via CoolestGadgets]


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