Lord of the Rings Online DX9 VS DX10

Well, it’s kind of older news, but LOTR’s engine is to be refitted with DX10 extensions.
Here’s some comparison screen shots for your enjoyment. 

DX9                                                         DX10

1664_2 - LOTR - DX 9 1664_2 - LOTR - DX 10

1664_3 - LOTR - DX9 1664_3 - LOTR - DX10

1664_5-LOTR-DX9 1664_5-LOTR-DX10

Pogo’s Vue:
I’m not really impressed.

Most of the DX10 shots make the world look so much darker.  Is there a reason to need to have shadows everywhere?  Why not spend the money on doing something fun for the game itself?  What this tells me is the publisher is thinking ‘If we make it look good they will come’.   Some of the DX10 shots (to me) make the game look WORSE.  Granted it looks a little more detailed.  But for the price needed to run DX10 apps, are you really getting your money’s worth? 



9 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Online DX9 VS DX10

  1. It’s called dynamic shadows, they are directly caused by the sun & obstacles while non dymamic shadows were made there during the developement…

  2. Alright, it /looks/ darker, but, you have to remember. This game wasn’t built for DX10, they only added it, and this is the first DX10 update, which, to me, it looks like all they added was shadows, which, for a free update… Those /are/ some kick ass shadows, and the textures seem a tiny bit tighter… But when you build a game on DX9 architecture and upgrade to DX10… It’ll prolly be a couple more updates as they make it prettier and prettier.

  3. JCMS:
    Thanks, I know what Dynamic Shadows are. Still looks kinda poopie to me though.. =)

    ‘Prettier’ doesn’t make a better game. yeah it’s free, but with the hardware needed to run a DX10 game..is it really worth it? Nope.

  4. So Turbine puts in DX10 support and doesn’t even make a big deal about it (yet other developers hype it up and never deliver) and we get this guy complaining that dynamic shadows look like shit and that Turbine should be spending their time doing other stuff…yet engine tweaks are a different team than content updates?

    Moron. Sorry buddy, but you have no right to be posting anything game related on the internet until you search your sofa cushions for some change and buy yourself a clue.

  5. So what you are telling me that you totally missed the point of the post. The whole idea was “Is the DX10 engine worth the price needed to run it?”

    According to these screen shots my answer is still no.

    I believe game play should overshadow graphics. Because I look at these screen shots and ask myself; Do these extra shadows REALLY do anything for the game? Is it worth the price to upgrade my computer for more shadows, a harder to see game, and lower frame rates? Does this new engine do anything to effect the flawed game play?

    Again, my answer is no.

    And hey, might I have your mailing address? Sounds like you need this change more then I.

  6. First of all I´m running mainly XP-Pro and since recently the Win7 RC on a HDD Partition this allows me to run the Lotro Client in both dx10/9 mode with optimal prerequesites (e.g dx9 with XP thus less memory use …).

    Now for my personal conclusion: The FPS loss wiht dx10 enabled compared to dx9 isnt as big as stated in previous posts. But the game experince enhances greatly. This might not be the case if you compare 3 Screenshots but whilst playing the environment seems more realistic due to dynamic shadows (trees, objects cast shadows based on the angle the sunlight hits them and those shadows appear not only on the ground but on npcs, pcs and even objects such as houses or other trees of course changing as the tree sways in the wind), claiming that is outrageous.
    The same goes for claiming that as mentioned above different teams work on the engine (graphics stuff) / gameplay (quests, game mechanics … ).

    I also want to comment on the nonsense. Of course it does and hell im glad it does. If im in the woods I expect it to be dark and shadowy everywhere. This may be only my personal oppinion but if Im standing in a dense wood and the soil is as bright as in the open countryside it does annoy me.

    If you are able to run Lotro in dx9 mode (max. settings) with decent fps (~45 in Bree) it might be worth getting the (till spring 2010) free Win7 RC to experience the dx10 enhancments yourself.
    If your unable to utilise all the dx9 features there is no point in thinking about further improvements.

    Now my harware specs for those who got the impression that Im a complete nerd running 3k $ system.

    CPU: AMD X2 6k+
    GPU: Ati HD 4870
    RAM: 2GB of nothing special

    Game experience: Smooth, 40 – 1xx Fps in Bree (dx10 all max). Though if i spin the camera rapidely it becomes a little studdering for about 1-2 secs but same goes for dx9.

    Oh and if that free money offer of yours is still up tell me im not someone who would say now to a couple of beers treated. :>

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