The Force Unleashed. Greatest game ever?

The Force Unleashed

Now that the power of gaming graphics has risen to the point that games are blurring the lines of reality entertainment, one has to ask … could LucasArts “The Force Unleashed” be the greatest game ever? Designed with three different simulation technologies, The Force Unleashed is being designed to push the envelope in Xbox, Wii, and Playstation 3 consoles. And judging by the video below that talks about the tech behind the game, it just may be.

The game’s premise is a simple one. The gamer is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and after much training, the Force has unleashed incredible powers in this padawan learner. Designed around three major simulation technologies, TFU is more than a game, it may actually be a Force simulation. Utilizing the Havok physics engine, designers are able to move an amazing amount of detail within the scenario. The result is the ability to move a great number of objects on screen at once. Great if you’re using the force to push back a hoard of destroyer droids. Euphoria, is the technology that gives animated characters their individuality. They reaction to what’s happening around them and insures that no two reactions are the same. Finally, Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) simulates the substance of an object in the scene and make it behave like it would in the real world. Glass shatters like glass, metal bends like metal, wood splinters as it should. Coupling this with Euphoria and the game environment reacts as it would if it were real life.

Add to this the hopeful promise of a Lightsaber Wii controller, and the result is that the Force Unleashed could be more simulation than game. And that begs the question … will The Force Unleashed be the greatest game ever? Well, at least until they make a better one.

Source, with video – Kotaku


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