Only ONE PS3 model in the US?

PS3 Closeout

According to sources following the development of the Playstation 3, Best Buy is discontinuing the sale of both the 80GB and 60GB models of the Playstation 3. Only the 40GB model, which sells for $399 and is not backwards compatible with earlier Playstation games will remain.

The rumor stems from a post by PS3Fanboy on his blog citing an anonymous Best Buy employee who apparently fed him this internal memo:

“The 80GB version of the PS3 is going closeout and won’t be replaced at this time,”… “It will come off the planogram on Jan. 28. The 60GB version should already be gone from stores. Only the 40GB version of PS3 will be sold in Best Buy stores at this time.”

The internal communiqué also goes on to confirm that the 40GB model is not backwards compatible and that Sony has no plans to add to the existing product line. If true, this would mark the return of initial criticisms of the PS3 that it wasn’t compatible with previous Playstation games and cited this as one reason, along with it’s ridiculously high price, not to invest in the latest game console in the first place. Lagging sales prompted Sony to lose nearly a billion dollars on the PS3 until they recently reduced the price of all Playstation 3 models, a move that has enjoyed brisk sales through the holiday season. But if this memo reflects a shift in Sony policy, the PS3’s return to glory may be short lived.

Source: UberGizmo



PogoWolf’s Vue:
  Now anyone that’s read this blog knows I’ve been upset at Sony and the PS3 and the horrible events, lies and crap surrounding it.  But if this rumor proves true then I’ve got one word to say:  DOH!

DOH! for all you PS3 owners that now have a discontinued model.

DOH! to all the people that bought a PS3 in order to have Backwards compatibly..
         If Sony only has one model type left that doesn’t have BC in it in the first place, I doubt they will continue to update the BC on the other models.  So you are hosed.

DOH! to all the FanBoys that have said the PS3 was the next best thing since sliced bread. 
         Sony has lost yet another PS3 model and you tried to convince me other wise..

[Update – 1/29/08]

ArsTechica is stating that where as the 80 GIG PS3 is dead, it will be replaced with a 120 GIG or a 160 GIG model at the same price point of the 80 GIG model.

ok.. still leaves me with the DOH!! for all those PS3 owners who are now getting screwed by being an early adopter.


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