Age of Conan Delayed.. two classes get the sword.

Yesterday, Funcom announced that the sometimes-highly-anticipated Age of Conan has had its release date pushed back to “polish the game further” due to the “level of bugs.” From all that I have heard, this was a very good decision on Funcom’s part. The amount of bugs plaguing the game, as well as things like class balance have all been mentioned before, and from what a lot of people have been saying, this was another needed delay.

It’s nice seeing developers finally owning up and reaching out when it comes to delaying their games. Director Gaute Godager has a profusely apologetic Letter from the Game Directer posted up over at the site, in which he extols on how much this delay actually was needed, and how they promise to spend the time wisely. He also specifically mentions being upset over the way that their beta schedule hasn’t been met as he wanted. Whether or not that means they expected to have open beta by now, who knows. Hopefully they really do manage to spend that extra 8 weeks wisely, get an open beta out and last minute bugs squashed, and make a worthwhile release.

Also announced at Funcom’s recent gathering for Age of Conan fan sites, was that their class list is getting reduced from 12 to 10, with the Lich class skill set getting rolled in the Necromancer, and the Scion of Set is getting rolled into the Tempest of Set class. As much as I hate seeing developers having to do things such as this with their babies, maybe down the road this will end up as a good thing when it comes to getting the game out the door.


[Via MMO-Gamer]


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