GameTap Review

GameTap has been around for a few years slowly building up their library of games.  Think of it as GameFly and Steam all rolled into one.  GameTap allows users to download and play a full featured games just by selecting it and downloading the game to the local machine and with a library of 950+ games (and growing monthly) you won’t get bored quickly.

There are two types of accounts the Free account and the paid account.  Now, I’ve been playing around with GameTap since it was first released.  Never bought an account, just playing off and on for the free full games.  The other day it dawned on me, as I installed the client for the 4th time, that perhaps it’s time to seriously look into buying an account to get access to the other games since the free account only gives you access to a limited number of games that seem to rotate from time to time.

I talked it over with my wife (whom’s a casual  gamer) about the idea.  She liked the idea of having access to the game library and not needing to store it either on the computer or in the house with the rest of my 1000+ game disks and carts.   With broadband it’s faster to find and download the game then it is to find the game in the closet, get the disks.. install it.. worry about the damn CD-KEY and the 1/2 hour install. at $10 a month, it’s cheaper then a standard MMO and gives you a much wider varietie of game play styles to match darn near any gaming mood you are in. 

You can also list and compare your favorite games with others on Gametap, setup a friends list and even challenge foes to high score battles.  There’s  lot to offer from this little system.  it’s taken a while to really start catching on, but as more and more gamers turn to services like this Xbox LIVE, and even the crappy PSN to get their gaming fix, GameTap is a great cheap way to keep you gaming.


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