Sony to scrap 2 PS3 models…

Sosuke Kamei, the Sony Japan game unit spokes person, has stated that, in order to help boost software development, Sony will be discontinuing the 20 and 60 gig PS3 models leaving the more energy 40 gig model on the shelves.  This is after Sony has already discontinued over other 3 models since it’s release in November of ’06.

If any other company pulled the plug on so many models this soon after the release of a system that was supposed to take over the world, One would think this company was going under.  Now we both know that Sony isn’t going bankrupt, but the need to drop 2 models in Japan says quite a bit about the ‘staying power’ of the PS3 around the world.  Japan supports it’s consoles with an almost maniacal flair like a rabid dog protecting it’s bone.  Dropping down to one model means one thing, the PS3 still can’t find it’s market (outside the fan boys) and is still having a hell of a time getting into the homes of the people. 


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