Multi-Player gaming on the same TV? DualView reviled!


This year at CES, HDTV manufacturers are trying figure out a way to make the choice of buying an HDTV a bit harder then just choosing between LCD, plasma, 42 inches, or 46 inches.
But something else caught my eye..  How about 120 hertz refresh rate on your new HDTV?

Granted, HDTV signals are usually broadcast in 30 frames per second and movies at 24 frames per second so why 120 hertz besides that it’ll show visibly smoother motion and sharper pictures in action scenes.

But the 120 hertz has other possibilities.  If the TV can produce those frame rates then you’ll be able to see the digital version in full 3D of Beowulf at home! 

Yet, there’s not a lot of digital movies yet, but what else do we do with our TV’s?  

Yep.. Play Video games!

and that’s where some Genius(es) at Texas Instruments Inc. brain farted one of the best ideas this gamer has ever heard.  The concept of ‘DualView’
the idea  is that two gamers, wearing shutter-equipped glasses, will be able look at the same screen but see different images. 

That means the screen doesn’t have to be divided down the middle for two-player gaming!!!

Kick the frame rate down a little and you should be able to support 4 player Halo matches on ONE TV with each gamer seeing their own view in full screen!

Dude(ette), HOW freaking cool would that be!?


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Air Guitar Hero…

Air Guitar

After the official day one of CES 2008 I think this has to be my coolest gadget of CES so far, Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker, practice playing any place, any time.

Air Guitar Rocker is officially licensed with Guitar Hero but you don’t need to own Guitar Hero to play. Simply wear the supplied ‘heavy metal’ belt buckle, attach it to the included processor thingie and you’re good to go. Play your air guitar by strumming the plectrum in front of your groin the belt buckle and play such classics as Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, etc. blast out and your adoring fans will stare at your groin in wonder.

Can’t see the video? .

Air Guitar Rocker will available from March 2008 for ~$30, you will also be able to buy exchangeable air cartridges for when you’ve bored everybody with Smoke on the Water for the billionth time.


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Tannoy Speakers for the PSP

PSP Stereo System

While at CES, I got a chance to talk to the nice people of Tannoy. If you haven’t heard of Tannoy, they do a lot of work with speakers. I am told that several of the speakers on the Las Vegas strip were manufactured by them, so they are experts at making things loud.

They also showed me their PSP Speaker System, and it was equally impressive. It works by simply plugging the PSP into the device itself, and then you plug the other end into the video out. By the way, this will recharge your PSP as you use it.

Yes, this device isn’t really designed for the gaming aspect of a PSP, but rather to play UMD video files. And believe you me, it plays them very well. It puts out a power output of 50 watts, and I was encouraged to turn it up loud, as will you. The surround sound is pretty impressive from such a small device.

Another added bonus is that the user can attach an MP3 player and get quality sound. It does not work with video files, though. It does come with a very nifty infrared remote that will definitely come in handy.

The Tannoy PSP Speaker System should be out by February, and will retail for about $199.99.

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