2008 Predictions…

Orginal Post on 12/27/07

Every year I like to think up (and this year post) my predictions for the next year.

1) BioShock will turn into an MMO.
    Think about it.  Being able to run around killing splicer’s while earning enough money to buy better plasmids?  All the while picking up bits and pieces of items to craft them into new weapons, armor and ammo?   All in an underwater city that was seemingly built as an MMO in the first place?   The ability to explore areas shut off from you the first time around? It would be sweet.  Could even do the game like HellGate: London (only done right.. see #9)

2) Blizzard will announce that the next Gen MMO game they are making will be the ‘World of Starcraft’
    The only big sci-fi MMO out there is EVE.  Of course there’s Star Wars Galaxies and Tabula Rasa, but that’s not saying much.  So the world is in need of a good Sci-Fi MMO to take the place of Earth and Beyond. (..!.,   EA)
    Starcraft has just as much or more of a following then the Warcraft series and has just as deep of a story and background.  WoW has already has and continues to embrace Diablo like a brother (sockets?  come on) and has some cross over story lines between the Diablo and StarCraft games; Blizzard is also readying up Starcraft II to enter the market.   So, to me, it makes total sense to have a World of StarCraft.

    Now what would REALLY be cool is the ability to merge the three games together so that WoW is the beginning  WoD (that’s World of Diablo) is the middle and WoS is the ending and your character can port back and forth between times.

    Of course, the announcement could be nothing more then the release of Diablo 3 (wasn’t that HellGate?) But the World of StarCraft would be MUCH cooler.
    Update: 06/28/08
    Well Blizzard has annouced Diablo 3 about 3 odd hours ago.  This is the major announcement for this year
    however there’s still that top-secret project they are working on…


3) Nintendo will continue not to be able to create enough Wii’s for demand and within 6 to 8 month it won’t matter.  People will finally give up paying extremely high prices for a system that has very few good games when they can buy an Xbox 360 for cheaper then some of the package deals and get a library of better games.

4) I call 3 ‘hot’ titles for the Wii this year, the rest will suck.

5) Sony will continue to lie to their customers and survive on the fanboys throwing huge amounts of money at the feet of their God.  But no one will care because the PS3 has RIDGE RACER!!

6) The Xbox360 will continue to dominate the online play aspect of console gaming.  The PC will continue to mock LIVE.

7) The industry will begin to understand that most gamers don’t care that they can show off their photos on their console.  We want to play games.

8) Mobile gamers will finally realize that Cell phones are NOT good gaming platform.  PDA users will continue to look around clueless.

9) HellGate: London will be used as a model to teach new game developers how NOT to just concentrate on the game play and worry about the interface aspects of a game also.  (GREAT game.. Horrible interface..)

10) Some Jerk somewhere will kill someone over something and blame it on a video game. 

11) Rock Band will completely take over and destroy the Guitar Hero market.


Want to hear my prediction on a specific game coming out? 
    Just comment to this thread and ask! (all posts are moderated)

[EDIT – Cleaned up some grammar and did a rewrite in a few places to clear things up]  (Never said I was a good writer. 😛  )


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