Tempest – Demo Thoughts.

The Adult in me wants to say:
   I was completely not impressed with Tempest for Xbox LIVE released a few days ago.  The control scheme used made me wonder who had the lobotomy and seeing many good remakes of Tempest from the RETRO scene made me wonder why the graphics where sub-par.   It felt like another ‘remake’ of a game created in 2 days while the emulator was created for the ROM images.   I wouldn’t waste my money, or yours.   I wouldn’t even play it if you paid me.


The Kids in me says:
   Jesus what a hunk of crap!  Did anyone even PLAY TEST this game?   With all the remakes of Tempest and the excellent Tempest 2000 from the Atari Jaguar, why in God’s name would
   anyone release a horribly controlled piece of crap like this?   Slap an Emulator on an ROM and push it LIVE?  

   Dudes, it’s called QUALITY & PRIDE asshats! 


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