Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Accounts Re-activated for New Year

By Keith Cross on Dec 21, 2007

SOE has announced that they will be reactivating inactive Vanguard accounts for for the holiday season, from now until January 20th.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is giving the gift of gaming this holiday season! If you think you’ve experience all the world of Telon has to offer, think again. Better yet, play again, this time on us! Beginning on Tuesday, December 18th, all Vanguard accounts that have been inactive for more than 60 days will be reactivated until the New Year (January 20th)!

The world of Telon is alive with the Festival of Gloriann! Towns are adorned with festive decorations and wintery cheer. Keeping with the spirit of giving, players can collect numerous gifts, sweet treats, and rewards – including Randolph, the reindeer mount which anyone can acquire and use to fly through the skies during the holiday season.

In addition to the holiday content, log in and experience Vanguard’s premier raiding dungeon, Ancient Port Warehouse, which was part of the highly anticipated Game Update 3 that brought numerous bug fixes, performance increases, as well as exciting and challenging new quests for adventurers.

Happy Holidays and safe travels in Telon, from the Vanguard Team!


HDMI Adapter for Xbox’s with the HDMI port…

HDMI Adapter

I’m a tech-savvy guy, and tend to talk a lot about the latest and greatest products. While I try to keep my own collection of gadgets up-to-date, there’s just no way to stay on top of everything. I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to take the plunge and buy and HDTV. Unfortunately, when I finally do splurge on the TV of my dreams, there are plenty of upgrades I’ll need to do it justice. One such device is my Xbox 360. I picked mine up before they started putting in standard HDMI ports. Thankfully there’s an adapter out there that’ll easily upgrade my box.

While it seems like a great idea, it shares the same issue as the wireless adapter for the 360: it’s too expensive. Sure, call me frugal, but since the newer 360’s come with the HDMI port standard, you’re almost as well off trading in your old one and spending your money buying a whole new console. If you don’t want to go through that much trouble, you can pick the adapter up for $90.


Source: CrunchGear

Hellgate: London 0.7 Goes live…

Patch 0.7 Notes:  December 20, 2007


Memory Usage

  • Memory manager rewritten for better performance and stability.
  • Fixed a UI-related memory leak.
  • Fixed a clothing and armor texture-related memory issue.


User Interface

  • New Looking For Group interface that allows players to more easily find each other for creating specific groups.
  • Reorganized the De-modificator, Augmentrex, and Nanoforge interfaces to appear in the left-hand panel area.
  • Added an auto-transparency feature to the chat window.
  • Players can skip all logo splash-screens with a single click.


Nightmare Difficulty

  • The difficulty of Nightmare has been rebalanced. More overall experience is earned in Nightmare levels, scaling of group experience and difficulty has been improved, and the overall level progression has been adjusted.



  • Fixed skills being added to and/or removed from Shift activation when swapping weapons.
  • Investing a skill point into an Aura skill will no longer automatically cause it to activate.



  • Taunt skills are no longer reduced in effectiveness when in a group.


  • Path of Righteousness now applies damage from offhand melee weapons.



  • Prayer of Retribution can now be used while poisoned.
  • Prayer of Healing can no longer be used while poisoned.



  • The Summon Ember and Summon Fire Elemental skills no longer conflict when granted through items.



  • Fixed a bug that caused Drain Power to charge an upfront power cost.
  • Tempest’s targeting range has been increased and properly loses targets that move out of range.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Boneshards from having any effect on every other cast.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Evokers from using any other skills for two seconds after casting Boneshards.



  • Hand of Nostrom correctly adds more beams as the skill level increases.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the Warper minion icon to not display.
  • Master of the Flame skill effects now display properly in the skill description tooltip.





  • Engineer Drone behavior improved.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Repair Drone to be used at no cost.
  • Drones will now level properly along with their owner. Existing Drones that are below your character’s level will automatically be raised to the correct level.
  • Drones now receive correct health bonuses with skill level after they are re-summoned.



  • Overshield now gives the correct amount of shields.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Homing Shot from activating properly.



  • Fixed a bug with the Cannon Street Rails quest.
  • Fixed a bug in the Helping Hands and Triage quests where Maxim and Arphaun occupy the same place.
  • Fixed a bug with the Regular Customer quest where Slaughterbeast occasionally wouldn’t spawn as expected.
  • Characters stuck in the Holborn station after completing the game in normal mode should be able to progress.



  • Improved the drop rate of analyzers and various recipes.
  • New blueprints have been added for Focus Items and Boots.
  • Focus Items and Boots can now be made by crafters.
  • Fixed a bug where already activated Auras would turn on and off when swapping weapons that grant Aura skills.


Guilds and Groups

  • Fixed a bug where players were not seeing Guild invites.
  • Introduced new Auto-Party logic to provide better matches.


World Movement

  • Fixed additional instances where players were sometimes randomly teleported when other people used portals.
  • Players can now use the /stuck command when in Ghost form.
  • Fixed rare instances where certain areas were impassible.



  • Fixed a bug where Founders saw all character names in blue text.
  • Fixed rare issues with being unable to properly apply the Multiplayer patch.
  • Fixed a bug with mods on weapons not being properly equipped when loading a character.
  • Fixed rare cases where the PRD became unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where numerous pets would show up in Stations.


Tempest – Demo Thoughts.

The Adult in me wants to say:
   I was completely not impressed with Tempest for Xbox LIVE released a few days ago.  The control scheme used made me wonder who had the lobotomy and seeing many good remakes of Tempest from the RETRO scene made me wonder why the graphics where sub-par.   It felt like another ‘remake’ of a game created in 2 days while the emulator was created for the ROM images.   I wouldn’t waste my money, or yours.   I wouldn’t even play it if you paid me.


The Kids in me says:
   Jesus what a hunk of crap!  Did anyone even PLAY TEST this game?   With all the remakes of Tempest and the excellent Tempest 2000 from the Atari Jaguar, why in God’s name would
   anyone release a horribly controlled piece of crap like this?   Slap an Emulator on an ROM and push it LIVE?  

   Dudes, it’s called QUALITY & PRIDE asshats! 

The BioShock MMO

I hate it when people steal my ideas.  Here I was, a couple of days ago, thinking about what predictions I will be making for 2008 when I thought of how cool BioShock would be if re-tooled into an MMO.  A quick Google showed that I’m not the only one who thought of that idea.  (JERKS!!!  🙂 )

However, most of the posts where just about ‘yeah, it would be cool’ but no mention about HOW to pull it off.  So that got me thinking more along the lines of Game play.  How could BioShock be re-tooled into an MMO that wouldn’t be just another WoW clone or another cluster frack that many other MMO’s fall into.


Thought #1:  What makes BioShock a good game to re-tool into an MMO?
The whole story of Rapture and it’s people are pretty well thought out with in the game.  Rapture has such an atmosphere that draws people into it.  You can see the decay in the walls and in the mind and body of the splicer’s.    The world of BioShock is set up right before you with enough depth to allow for a huge verity of game play options. 

Thought #2: What MMO style lends itself to BioShock?
I believe a game setup like HellGate: London would work perfectly.  BioShock is already a first person shooter and already kind of has ‘hubs’ set up, so it makes perfect sense to set up the BS-MMO (BioShock MMO) game play with the style like that of HellGate.  Just give your BioSock character real inventory and expand the game to allow for network play and you’ve already got 90% of the game.

Thought #3: How would the story be moved forward?
Ahhh.. now this could be cool.  In my thoughts the BS-MMO is set after the events of the first game.  The governments of the world now know where rapture is (though, in theory, they already did)  and with Raptures leaders dead, what’s to stop them from sending in military and other personal in order to study the technology that Mr. Ryan help to create?
From there the story could be moved in a number of ways from the addition of new areas that weren’t found in the first game to new plasmids, weapons, and other steam-punk items
found in hidden areas and other labs the player didn’t/couldn’t find the first time.

Thought #4: What about the game play?
I’m thinking an PvP MMO style of play.   Rapture lends itself well to hoards of splicer’s coming to rip you open for your Adam and what if those Splicer’s where other players?
If you where dropped into this world would you power hungry and get as much Adam and plasmids as possible?  Would you kill for that power? 

Maps could be set up like contested areas that would allow players to battle each other, sending in teams of warriors to destroy the freaks (since you both think each side is freaky)
Which side can hold Rapture?  

Perhaps players could also be scientists.. with ability’s and game play elements that would allow them to create new plasmids.  Still others could be turned into something like the little sisters to allow them to harvest more Adam for their side.

There’s still more unknown then known down in the belly of Rapture.  Anything is possible.


Just some thoughts and ideas and If you happen to work for 2K,  and like these ideas, I’m available for consultations.  😉