Jack Tretton: PS3 Becoming Lead Development Platform

Xbox 360 ports on PS3? Think again, says SCEA chief Jack Tretton. He
says that many developers are now creating for PS3 first and then
porting down to other platforms.

Over the last year, when it came to making graphically intense, high-
definition games most developers typically made the Xbox 360 their
platform of choice, meaning that their time and energy would go into
the Xbox 360 version of a multiplatform title and then the game might
be ported over to PS3. Because the Xbox 360 and PS3 have very
different architectures, the transition wasn’t always so kind.

That said, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton
believes that going forward third parties will make the PlayStation 3
their lead platform. So far there have only been a small handful of
titles for which that’s the case.

“We hear better and better things from the third party publishers
everyday,” Tretton told IGN in a recent interview. “We are meeting
with them on a regular basis and are getting a lot of feedback from
them in terms of their needs. We are now starting to see developers
creating games on PS3 and then porting them to other platforms such
as EA’s Burnout.”

He continued, “Developers are telling us that they are starting to
create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware
capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing
tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what
they are able to do with our development kits. You will see some very
nice things in 2008 coming from our third party partners in addition
to what you will see this holiday.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Tretton talks about the challenges of his
first year as CEO and PS3’s first year on the market. GameDaily BIZ
also covered these topics in our Jack Tretton interview earlier this

(Via GameDaily)


[PogoWolf ‘s Vue]
I’ve called it before and I’m going to call it again.  Sony Marketing BS.  Total misdirection to make the PS3 look/sound like a better platform then it really is.

The first paragraph is completely true.  More titles where developed for the 360 then for the PS3, and perhaps they where ported over… to look and run like total crap.  Of course.. most of the titles developed for the PS3 already looked/run like crap anyway so shouldn’t be a real surprise to you PS3 owners anyway.

Now saying that.. Why would a company WANT to spend so much money in training their programmers how to use a totally different programming architecture, a huge new learning curve, creating new game pipelines for a system that hasn’t really sold very well in the first place?   it would be like a publisher saying “screw the PC we’re going to switch over and start making games for Linux. ”  Totally different architecture and trailing the Windows market by HUGE numbers (flip off Linux lovers, you know the numbers are true.)

The only ones really pushing for PS3 hardware are those that have been ‘bought’ by Sony in order to develop for it.  Most of the main programmers have gone on record saying the PS3  architecture is hard to code for and pretty much sucks. (of course, the same thing was said about the PS2.. but that platform SOLD.)

As for Burnout: Paradise, where as I’ve not had the change to play both demos for the systems, from what I’ve seen on the net.  The 360 version looks smoother and faster.
not by much, but you can see the fill rate problems the PS3 has.  Not that the PS3 version looks bad.. but I have heard that it  doesn’t support 1080 and will only run in 480p and 720p
and won’t upscale to 1080.

as for the games, I hope we see something, because right now all I’m seeing are movies trying to be games or casual games that don’t mean anything to anyone other then casual gamers.  If you are going to develop high-end hardware I DO NOT want to play just Pac-man on it. 


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