Do not install EVE trinity premium client patch!

from Tobold’s MMORPG Blog by Tobold
Thoms alerted me to the following news from Massively: The EVE trinity premium client patch deletes the Windows XP boot.ini file, making it impossible to reboot your computer afterwards. Massively has detailed instructions on how to fix the problem, but if you already restarted your machine you’ll need to enter command line commands into the recovery console you can only start with a Windows XP CD. So right now I can only advise you to not patch EVE before you are certain that all the problems are resolved.

As Massively says: “CCP is on the verge of earning the title of having the worst expansion launch in the history of the genre.”
  Wow..  This made me laugh so hard my co-workers where pairie dogging the cube farm looking to see what was going on!    Delete the Boot.ini?  WTF, mate?!  LOL


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