EA announces $195 million dollar Loss last quarter

The new generation of gaming is not being too kind to videogame giant ‘Electronic Arts’, as it lost $195 million dollars last quarter. The company also had to get rid of 350 employees.

                The company, which is the world’s largest video game publisher, came under criticism for not putting enough effort into Nintendo’s console, the ‘Wii’ when it first launched. The company predicted the company to be a flop, but realized they were wrong when it edged past Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in August as the top selling console of the three between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

                Now, after missing out on a lot of profit during the ‘Wii gaming drought’, which continues to this day as a time in which there are few games out for the Wii that are of quality, EA is trying to play catch up. The company has redrawn plans to create more games for Nintendo’s little white console, as well as the DS.

                EA has always relied on creating games based on movies, and also creating numerous sequels or expansions for their intellectual property that was created back in the early 2000’s. An example of this would be ‘The Sims’ series, which has at least one expansion released a year.


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