Guitar Hero 3 Review

Guitar Hero 3 Review
Review System: PS2
PogoWolf’s GamersVue – 10/29/07
Score: 8.7 out of 10

What is Guitar hero?  Well if you have been living under a rock
the GH series is one of (if not the) best selling rhythm game
in history allowing you to play along with a guitar like controller
with your favorite songs ranging from 60’s and 70’s Rock up though
today’s music, with just about every type of mainstream rock genre
and sub-genre.

But enough of the history of GH series, what does GH3 have to offer
over the other versions.  Well for starters you will be treated to
updated graphics and models, minor game play tweaks from Gh2, a new
multiplayer Band mode, and a rock battle mode where you can mess up
your opponents ability to play the song correctly.

The Game does play a little better then GH2 but Neversoft tweaking
the timing yet again, and therefore playing GH3 like Gh2 will get
you booed off stage.  But it feels more like playing a real guitar
then previous versions. 

Some tweaks have been made to the graphics engine so the optical
illusion seen after a few moments staring at the notes coming
down is minimized. 

Tweaks made to the note system so you can now visually see where
the hammer-on’s are, making it MUCH easier pull them off.  However
they made it harder to pull one off if the note doesn’t have the
glowing white inner light.

The interface for GH3 (at least on the PS2 version) is horrible.
long load times and the need to load something every time to do
anything.  the set listing is annoying to read since NO one has
that good of handwriting, and a little confusing with the ‘bonus’
tracks not being listed with the normal tracks. 

All and all the song selection list is interesting and I knew most
of the songs, though some of the sets where extremely boring.
Quality wise GH3 is MUCH (MUCH!) better then GH: Rocks the 80’s)
which had HORRIBLE music quality.  NeverSoft spent some time in
making sure the songs, at least, SOUNDED, like the songs.
unlike the 80’s edition that make me feel I was playing with a
Karaoke band.  NOT the kind of people ‘G-Hero’ wants to hand with.

I was highly disappointed with ‘Anarchy in the UK’ track since
it’s a 2007 remake of the original.  I wanted to play the original
not this re-hash of a song that wasn’t as good as the original by
a band that sounded like they were too old to be on stage.

But where as I was disappointed, I was just as surprised to play
the ‘Devil went down to Georgia’ remake.  THIS song totally and
completely rocks!!! and then my surprised turned to a holy crap
moment when the credits start to roll and you given a Dragon Force
song that leaves your fingers a bloody mess even on easy!

However my surprised and ‘wow’ turned to non-believe and the
desire to strangle whomever the moron is that thought it a good
idea NOT to give the ‘battle tracks’ (including the Devil went
down to Georgia’ NOT be listed as standard tracks in Free-Play mode
nor buyable from the store. (at least not after beating the game on Easy)
the characters are unlocked after the battle mode, but the songs aren’t?
WTF, mate?

Speaking of battle mode, is the new way to play against your friends
to see who is the top dawg player.  battle mode is played like
the face-off mode. but where as you would normally gain star power
from playing well you get these little battle gems.  Activating
star power will now push that gem over to the other guys staff
causing all sorts of havoc like breaking  one of their strings, causing
the player to need to push the fret button quickly over and over to
re-string the guitar or bust out there amp causing the notes to flicker
on and off.

The bottom line is Neversoft did a pretty good job with GH3. 
They had some tough shoes to fill.  Granted there are some minor
problems with the game in general and the PS2 owners are going
to be screwed in the long run because of the lack of Internet
support.  But I would still recommended this game for anyone
that likes the rhythm types of games. 

The GH series is the perfect party game.  easy to learn, hard to
master.  great for gamers and non-gamers, with a huge selection of
songs if you own the series and the ability to play your friends
either in battle to see who is the best to teaming up and playing
though your favorite songs.


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