Review – Flatout: Ultimate Carnage


Title: Flatout: Ultimate Carnage
Official Website: FlatoutGame
Developer: BugBear Entertainment
Publisher: Empire Interactive

Distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment
Review System: Xbox 360
Release Date(s): 06/22/07 EUR
08/01/07 AUS
10/02/07 USA
07/19/07 XBox Live (Demo)
GamersVue Score: 7.5 out of 10foucpackshot2d.jpgfoucpackshot2d.jpgBottom Line:
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (FOUC) is an enhanced remake of FlatOut 2 featuring new game play modes and graphics. But you don’t care about graphics do you? it’s all about the game play right? Well, FOUC is not only a beautiful game but also well done. If you are familiar with the Burnout series (or the Flat out series itself) then you already know what to expect. If you aren’t, then you are looking at a racing/destruction game with a natural physics engine. Would you like to know more? (Read more to see the full review and links.)

foucpackshot2d.jpg PogoWolf’s GamersVue – 10/25/2007 Racing games tend to be a dime a dozen in the gaming industry. There are SO many types and so many ways to combine different types of game play that I, personally, tend to just over look most of them unless there was something major aspect of the game that looked fun. So I admit that I didn’t know much about the FlatOut series and began this review pretty much blind. When I started up FOUC, the intro made me wonder if Bugbear hadn’t stolen the design docs for Burnout. I thought to myself, well if the game is ½ as good as Burnout is for the 360 I should be in for a good time. The game play is pretty simple race the AI drivers and cause them damage in order to build up your burnout meter..err. your Nitro meter in order to come in first place. What sets FOUC over the edge is the physics, graphics, and many modes of play.The physics engine allows the cars to handle differently depending on the terrain and even the types of tires on the car. There are the standard Multiple tracks for you to race as you move up the racing career path and, as you win races, you earn money which can be used to buy new cars and upgrade car parts from a new engine to tires and brakes. These new parts all have an effect on how well your car handles on the track.

Along with the standard race ‘simish’ game play you also get carnage mode, when breaks down into small hand full of other mode types, like the ‘beat the bomb’ which means you race though a track before the bomb in your car explodes, a demolition derby (which was quite fun) and the mini-games.My favorite mode on FlatOut would be this mini-game mode. Here you steer your car though a minor gauntlet and fire your driver out though the windshield in insane mini games. For example, one track allows you to fire your driver though the air and stick them to a chain link fence. The higher up your driver makes it on the fence the more points you make. A great way to waste some time. (see the YouTube Videos below for more examples)
I was even able to get my wife to play FlatOut for the mini games, but I was left wishing there were even more Mini-games to play. Perhaps Bugbear would find it in their hearts to allow some downloadable content.

All and all I found Flatout: Ultimate Carnage a very enjoyable game. Very well done graphics and sound along with a good control scheme makes this game very easy to get into, and the AI is good enough to keep you challenged without being overly brutal, and the mini games are quite fun! (even for non-gamers) Flatout: Ultimate Carnage would make a nice addition to anyone’s Xbox 360 library.


Xbox Achiments list:

Game Play Footage:

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Ring Of Fire

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Baseball

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Darts

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Bowling


One thought on “Review – Flatout: Ultimate Carnage

  1.  Excelente! Casi Todaa la asesoria que has puesto me es de abrumadorda soporte!
    Me Presento queriendo ser capaz interpretar un poco mas.

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