You don’t get into Bioshock….it gets into you.

By: Ðreddheaddedpoe†(r) On 8/22/07

You don’t get into Bioshock….it gets into you.

My very first impression of playing this game was that someone watched enough episodes of Lost and translated it into a very good game.  

  – you are on a trip in a plane presumably to see your parents when the plane crashes in the middle of the

 – you wind up on a mysterious lighthouse which transports you to a mysterious city…..check

 – you communicate with mysterious people who may or may not have ulterior motives…..check

 – wierd medical experiments are taking place affecting people of that city…..check

 – some of those same people want to kill you…..check

 – you must choose whose side you on and how it affects your survival…..check

Good enough?

I am trying ot mkae my review short enough without giving spoilers away or be redundant to the official reviews and long enough to tell you that what you read is true!

Bioshock is definently a step to redefining first person shooter.  This is not your balls to the wall shoot em up, but rather a thinking person’s game where the point is to interact and enjoy the story, creatively think your way past enemies and make decisions that will affect your game play.

All of you have probably heard about the creative elements of the game play…others who reviewed it have covered it, so I really don’t want to get into that…if you have read enough about it I would say you have to see for yourself.

What is more important to me is how much this game creeps up on you and scares you into playing a little bit more. This game IMO revolutionizes the FPS because of the content. It’s pretty much doing things storywise what Resident Evil and Doom has been trying to do for years.
[Edit:  Of course, there was always that little game called Half-Life]

I am recommending that if you play this game, don’t do it on anything less than a home theater system.
I am playing this on a 51″ HDTV, 7.1 surround sound with the lights on dim and my goodness it is IMMERSIVE. YOU WILL JUMP…you will laugh…you will be scared….the first time I faced off with a Big Daddy it was to be believed. It crept up behind me…I heard it coming and instead of turning with my joystick I literally turned around in my chair and luckily I didn’t already aggro it but it was up on me and walked by and my heart was in my throat.

There are a lot of mements like this in the game….people jumping thru ceiling, flying at you around corners, etc. and a lot of it is disturbing.  There is this one scene early on (and u get to see it in the demo) where you see a sillouette of a lady rambling to a baby in a carriage and it’s truly eeirie and there are SO many moments like this throughout the game. You can gather recordings to listen to the insanity that these people were into. And sometimes feel sorry
for some of the people that you have to kill.

And yes, there are even more mysteries in this game. again similar to Lost…and this is where I wrap up:
 – Is it a coincidence that your plane crashed here?
 – What is the story behind the tattoes?
 – What went wrong and made these people crazy?
 – Who or what are the Little Sisters and why must you choose how to handle them?
 – Why would any seemingly sane person that wound up on this ‘island’ willingly inject himself with gene altering
    material to get powers and what effects will they have on your character by the end of the game?
 – Furthermore, WHAT exactly is YOUR character’s backstory??

If you are looking for a game that will keep you in the dark while you play it in the dark (best way to play) BUY…THIS…GAME. I have a feeling that this will be the bestseller of the year…Halo my sell the numbers due to the fan base but Bioshock will sell because of the immersive story alone.

[Edit/Addition – PogoWolf]
Bioshock seems to be the half-life of the Console world.  Where as I’m impressed by the story telling there really isn’t anything ‘new’ about Bioshock.  It’s a FPS with a story and extremely good sound effects and some of the best next-gen graphics.   This game will show you want your 360 (PS3?) can pull off. 

 Thanks for the Article Ðreddheaddedpoe†(r) 


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