BioShock PC…

So I downloaded the BioShock Demo off STEAM last night.  Good DL rate, much better then expected because I doupt I was the only one.  Got the beast installed, and pumped to see the differences between the 360 version and the PC version. 

 and I wasn’t disappointed..   WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

Now, I know I don’t have an ‘End all’ machine.  It’s not a little AMD64 X2 Dual-Core with 2 gig’s of RAM and an ‘ok’ onboard video of an ATI something or another.  It plays EQ in balance mode quite well, so I wasn’t expecting problems outside, perhaps, a slow frame rate.

 what I wasn’t expecting was:

  1. The lost mouse cursor
  2. Texture tearing
  3. Massive full screen clipping errors
  4. Sprite Transparency problems

Nothing on screen unless you where viewing it at just the right angle.. and worst of all, you couldn’t even see the tail of the airplane or even the tower!!!   WTF 2K/Epic.    Dude, if this is what’s going to happen with ATI boards using the UT3 Engine… ATI is doomed.


2 thoughts on “BioShock PC…

  1. .. So the research has shown nothing. Personally I believe one of two things.. A) the Demo was rushed (as we know) and therefore just buggy has hell.

    B) M$ is in bed with 2k Boston, and saying.. Look the Xbox 360 Demo is perfect.. just buy a 360 for the game, and don’t worry about the PC version. because it’s going to run like crap on your machine.

    of course, there could be a 3rd reason…
    C) ATI just really sucks at making video cards.. LOL

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