Wii Firmware update

The Wii Shop channel closed down last night for a while and has now opened back up. As soon as it was back up again all Wii’s everywhere were prompted to download a Firmware upgrade to add new features to the console. Nothing huge was added as part of the upgrade… in fact the biggest change seems to be a clock now appears as part of the Wii menu, which is great news for time lovers. Also, a few small changes such as shorter load times for both switching channels and reading discs is also noticeable.

– Digital Clock added to the Wii Menu right under the channel bar
– Forecast Channel now displays the current condition directly in the Wii Menu in the Forecast Channel box
– News Channel can now show 2 scrolling headlines at a time in the Wii Menu, 3 when you click on the button
– Message Board now has the “Today’s Accomplishments” message as a white message which allows it to stand out from other messages
– Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B but only to empty spaces.
– Calendar in Message Board no longer shows “Today’s Accomplishment”
– Scrolling messages in the Message Board now uses a different sound

Wii Shop Channel
– New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost. The title bar can be clicked on to bring up a list of 20 recommended games.
– Titles You’ve Downloaded was moved to the main shop menu
– New ways to browse
– Popular Titles
– Newest Additions remains the same
– Search for a title which can use partial names
– Search by Category
– Search by Publisher
– Search by Genre
– System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each

– Warning added pre-system update detailing that technically modified consoles may cease to function upon being updated. Also the only way to not accept an update is to power down the console by holding the button for 4 seconds

are noticable to faster disc read speeds all around. The news and weather channels got some touch ups as well but most of the work seems to have gone into the shop channel which now supports a new, streamlined interface, search functions and a list of the most popular titles. Spoiler: only games featuring the word “Mario” in the title make up the top five


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