New 360 Bundles?

Yesterday I got an email from a fellow who said he had found an image of a holiday bundle for the 360 and as there wasn’t much more information available, I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and got to work. After some rummaging about, I was able to turn up not only the Elite Bundle, but one for the Pro system as well marked as eventually being available in the US. The bundle will include the system and it’s accessories plus two games, Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. These images were discovered on a website Microsoft uses to market their products and while there was no pricing information available, the Elite image was clearly marked as “Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Value Bundle.” Judging by the name, one can assume that this will be the Xbox’s bundles available for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas shopping season. Unless of course they are saving it for Flag Day, which means we won’t see it till spring of next year.

Chacun son pack [Gamick] (French)


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