id show off debut trailer for rage

id show off debut trailer for rage
by Gee. Spam?

id software (at QuakeCon) have released a short trailer for Rage, revealing a mix of first-person shooting elements and racing ones. The title is built on the developer’s much-talked about Tech 5 engine, which allows developers to create incredibly realistic, textured world using “megatexture” artwork. According to id, Tech 5 gives developers the canvas to paint on.

The game has been described as 50% run-and-gun, with a lot of racing and action segments making up the rest of the game.

“You’re kind of like Buck Rogers in a sense that you come to this world that has long-since forgotten about you,” said the lead designer of Rage, Tim Willits. “The lines between good and evil are a little grey. There are settlers in this wasteland and an evil regime – a very classic story. I think the key thing here is that everything we’re doing has got to be fun. No extras to show off some tech. It has to serve a purpose and make the game fun. With the big wastelands you can get out of your car, you can drive everywhere, go into little caves, talk to people, we have a better inventory system-it has some adventure elements, too – but this isn’t an RPG.”

He continues, saying, “We don’t need the hyperviolence. We’re going in a different direction, but we’re not stepping that far out of what we do. It is still a first-person shooter, after all. In the past we would have [made it bloody] just because we could have. But we’re doing this for 14 years as a company. Does it make the game more fun to have body parts flying around? Again, that goes back to our whole plan for what we want to do with Rage. If it doesn’t add to the fun, we don’t need it. I don’t think we need to turn the streets red.”

The game is being developed simultaneously for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will spread across two DVD’s for the 360 version and on one Blu-ray disc for the PS3 version.

Judging from the movie.. it still looks like the ’Tech 5’ engine needs some work on it’s lighting. Doom3 and the games based on the engine are SO dark. Like what is ID hiding behind all those shadows? As for the canvas.. Unreal has been doing that for years. LOL Guess we’ll just need to wait a bit longer to see what ID has in store for us.


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  1. Занимательно, жду следующего поста!
    (English: Entertaining, I await the next post!)

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