uClinux on the PSPChris Mulhearn has succeeded where many others have failed. He has ported Xiptech‘s port of uClinux to the PSP. What exactly is uClinux, you may ask? It is a variant of Linux designed specifically for machines without MMUs. This is perfect for the PSP as it has no MMU.

Currently, there is very little in the way of functionality from this port, as the kernel is very basic.  To interact with Linux, you’ll have to connect through the PSP’s headphone serial port for IO. The IO itself is done through a TTY/console interface on the connected computer.  None of the PSP’s devices (screen, ms, speakers, etc.) are yet supported except the serial port.
Despite these shortcomings, Linux is in fact running on the PSP.  The entire project is open source, so if you’re curious, just head over to Chris’s page.



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