Clive Thompson on Super Columbine RPG

PressconferenceI’ve been meaning to do this, but Clive beat me to the punch — he sat down and played Super Columbine Massacre RPG. If you haven’t played it yourself (or even if you have), check out his analysis of how the game is far more than the in-poor-taste murder simulator its detractors want it to be:

It’s a neat stab at the mindset of the killers, who, for all their bombast about being objectified by their tormentors, did precisely the same thing to their victims. They didn’t see them as individuals: They were just metaphoric targets for their hatred. Indeed, in the game, as the killers did in real life, you don’t target any particular kids. You just wander around killing randomly. And Ledonne’s aesthetic decision to make Super Columbine so retro-looking enhances this effect: The game’s style evokes the killer’s pared-down, simplistic, self-serving view of the world.

I, Columbine Killer [Wired]

Source: Clive Thompson on Super Columbine RPG
Originally published on Mon, 15 Jan 2007 19:39:36 GMT


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