XviD4PSP 4.047 Released

Winnydows has released a new version of his excellent Video Converter for the PSP, heres the info and whats new:
Easy use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP, iPOD and PC.
to MP4 (PSP AVC, AVC, IPOD), PMP (AVC, DivX), AVI (DivX).

4.047 changes:
To menu Settings added Disable AVS check option – fix crash on check on some Athlon systems.
x264 updated to version 616.
Now x264 compiled with pthread and start with –threads auto argument – x264 encoding 20-40 fps faster.
Now to log added OS info.
Now if framerate changed frames detect correct.
Fixed buttons lock.
Normalize on preview now checked by default and sticky.
MediaInfo updated to – fix delay detection.
Mencoder updated to 21847.
Fixed rename of output file.
Options Full Info to log and Full AVS Info to log now correct sticky.
Removed AviSynth option Multi-Threading – x264 multithread build + –threads auto much faster and stable.
AviSynth 2.5.6a MT removed from main installer.
Now by default used AviSynth 2.5.7.
Added protection of crash in case incorrect time and frames detection by MediaInfo.
Fixed incorrect VOB size detection.
Fixed switch between DVD titles.
In case inpossible correct detect DGIndex progress windows of this progress tempoary unhidden.
To info line added interlace information.
Now DeInterlace option auto check if interlace found.
Now on uninstall possible remove all dlls and libs installed with program.
Fixed Rename button lock.
Added new format MP4 PSP 480 – create files for PSP with firmware 3.03 OE-B. Warning- now this format support only 480×272 res, so for files with aspect defferent of 16:9 use Auto Aspect check box or add black borders (BW, BH). Hint – Aspect In must be = Aspect Out.
Fixed setting Fix gray flicks option in 1 min and 5 min time cut.
DGIndex updated to 1.4.9 beta 9.
AviSynth updated to 2.5.7 final.

Download Here

Source: XviD4PSP 4.047 Released
Originally published on Thu, 11 Jan 2007 22:31:28 GMT


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