2.71 SEB” irsmp3 module v0.4f

New version from joek2100
This is a modified version of the opensource mp3 prx for irshell. It will play mp3 files from ms0:/PSP/MUSIC (if you don’t change the config).
It has random and sequential play modes, pause, next and a builtin “overclocker”.
Heres whats new:

0.4f: Fixed the wifi @ 333mHz for 3.03OE+
Fixed disable underclocking in vsh while the screen is off for 3.03OE+ (or higher)
Fixed a bug that messes up the sound in the browser (although something else may have been broken) (only works on 3.03OE+)
Fixed a bug (that was introduced in the last release) that broke suspend support

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
via joek2100

Attached Files

mp3prx_04f.zip (926.7 KB)

Source: 2.71 SEB” irsmp3 module v0.4f
Originally published on Thu, 11 Jan 2007 22:50:15 GMT


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