Homebrew Nintendo DS Tilt Sensor


This homebrew Nintendo DS tilt sensor makes use of the mini-USB port and allows you to digitally control the system (left/right). Here’s what Adam Frucci of SciFi has to say:

Suffice to say, I won’t be modding my DS Lite to have a tilt-sensor like these inventive chaps. Plugging into the mini-USB port on the back, this homemade sensor doesn’t work the way you would want. It’s digital, so you get two directions: left and right

[via engadgetSciFi]

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Source: Homebrew Nintendo DS Tilt Sensor
Originally published on Wed, 20 Dec 2006 20:00:37 GMT


One thought on “Homebrew Nintendo DS Tilt Sensor

  1. That’s not a mini-USB, that is a charging port. I know, it looks a lot like a mini-USB but, trust me, it isn’t. Plus, digital accelerometers can give up to 18446744073709551616 different angles. A mini-USB port can give up to 16 different angles per clock-pulse, as it is a 4-bit bus. Only a 1-bit bus gives two directions.

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