Rappelz Review – Ugh.


Hi everyone,
I know I said I wouldn’t even be trying Rappelz, but I figured that’s not fair to my readers that they should not get a review just because I find concepts of the game bad. And a friend asked me to play, so I had to! So lets jump straight into the review:
My expectations going into the game were low, as it does not have a stat point system. But nevertheless, it is possible to make the game fun and require ‘skill’ without a system, just much harder. So I decided to make an Asura race character, and go for Strider or Sorcerer class. So when I logged in, first thing I noticed was the graphics. They are done well enough as to not make it an eyesore and still impress me, so it gets a passing grade in that department. However, the next thing I noticed was the movement, which is point-and-click via mouse. It simply wasn’t smooth. If you were running and decided to change direction, it takes your character about 1 second to realize that you clicked somewhere else, which is really quite annoying. Especially since you can be walking towards an NPC, and talk to the NPC whilst walking, and when you leave the “range” of the NPC the chat closes.
Aside from the response time issues, the beginning of the game is rather standard. You spawn, are asked to kill X of monster Y and do this a few times, then move to the next set of quests that asks you to similar tasks and so on. By the time you are level 10, you are complete the “training”, and can change class. (Each race has 3 possible classes, with 3 races, meaning 9 total classes). By this time you’ve learnt a few of the more interesting aspects of the game, such as summoning a creature(to ride or fight with), upgrading armors (similar to L2), and the use of force chips (use one, weakens the enemy for a few seconds). Which is all fine and dandy. But, while I learned more about the game, my opinion of it began to quickly fall.
First off, the skills. They use a job point based system, where each kill gives you X experience and Y job points. You use these job points to either level up a skill or level up your job level. This is not explained very well at the beginning of the game, as many people waste their job points in beginner skills when it requires base level 10, job level 10 to change class. And although they offer “mastery” skills for almost every weapon in most classes, they remove any and all “skill” required to play the game through their system. This is done by not capping job points(jp) earned. So with an unlimited amount of playing time, you can have every skill for your class at max level. Couple that with no stat system, means that as soon as you find some interesting strategy to kill monsters/players with, using a combination of skills; someone can simply copy it since they have all the skills you do. The only limitation in the amount of skills you have is the amount of time you spend leveling, which is a system to base a game off of.
I can give it props for the potion system, as they either heal instantly(with a cool down) or heal over time (with no cool down), so there is no pot “spamming”. I also found the camera slightly annoying, as you can scroll out a long ways, but cannot adjust angle of viewing very much without zooming back in. Lastly, I found the PVP poorly thought out, I believe this problem is only for first class characters (they have second class planned), but if you’re a melee character, fighting a ranged character, the ranged need simply to walk in zig-zags while attacking and your character can never respond fast enough to hit. If this was meant to be fixed through the second class skills, they should have included second classes in release.
Also have to give it another point deduction for its system, or lack thereof. The monsters drop no rare items except for cards and cubes used to upgrade a weapon. Anything else they drop can be purchased from the store. Thus you cant even find a “rare” weapon, unless you purchased it ingame or used the cash shop to buy upgrade materials for it. Truly disappointing.
Overall I give this game a dismal rating, as it tries to be like Lineage 2 or WoW but simply doesn’t compare in any aspect. I would recommend almost any game over this one, including WoW. The fact that it is free does not make up for its flaws either. Lack of a stat system, horrid skill system, poor response time, poorly developed PVP, countered by only a few good concepts makes this game a prime candidate for my newly developed MMOTRASH bin.
In it goes.

Source: Rappelz Review – Ugh.
Originally published on Wed, 08 Nov 2006 22:36:00 GMT by RedFlame


2 thoughts on “Rappelz Review – Ugh.

  1. Dude, what the fck..
    Poorly developed PvP… have u been in the dungeon sieges? NOPE cos ur lvl 15 or so= seen nothing of the game.

    Your review should go in the Trash bin.

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