Diver: Deep Water Adventures to be showcased by the Biart Company at Game Connection in Lyons, France.

Diver: Deep Water Adventures to be showcased by the Biart Company at Game Connection in Lyons, France. http://www.diver3d.com/ Date: November 22, 2006 For Immediate Release The Biart Company announced that during the Game Connection Event in Lyons, France, December 5-7, they will showcase their ultra-realistic diving simulator, “Diver: Deep Water Adventures.” Biart will present the final release version of “Diver” for the PC and XBOX. CEO, Konstantin Popov, and CTO Ilya Stepanov, will be available to demonstrate the game at the Biart Company’s exhibition stand for “Diver: Deep Water Adventures.” Biart announced the completion of “Diver: Deep Water Adventures” in August of 2006. Diver: Deep Water Adventures is the unique combination of a diving simulation and an exciting arcade game. The development team, are real divers and they paid special attention to the authenticity of the diving aspect of the game. “Diver: Deep Water Adventures” features real diving equipment from leading world manufacturers like SCUBAPRO, Tigullio, Uwatec, Sea & Sea, Camaro, and Waterproof. Several of the game’s missions are based on actual diving sites from around the world. For example, players will have the opportunity to go wreck-diving down to the “Thistlegorm” ship, which was sunk in the Red Sea during World War II. “Diver: Deep Water Adventures” successfully combines two game genres in one excellent underwater adventure. It is an authentic diving simulator that will satisfy real divers and novices alike, and a full-fledged arcade game that will appeal to everyone. The game’s creators are sure that “Diver: Deep Water Adventures” will be enjoyable for divers and also for the mass market. “Diver: Diver: Deep Water Adventures” for the PC has gone gold and is available now in France and Germany. Key features of “Diver: DWA”: – Detailed and rich diving simulator – Two game modes: arcade and simulator – Full training system and video courses – Possibility to explore real sunken ships – More than ten real diving sites – Real equipment from leading equipment companies – Ability to find treasures and lift them to the surface – Giant sea predator hunting – Underwater photography – Actual Time changes with both day and night dives


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